Music Scams, Jokes And Gear: The Fun Musician’s Life

Jokes And Gear: The Fun Musician’s Life

Before we start with the fun, some serious stuff first.

Music Industry Scam Education

It’s not exactly what I would call a “fun read’, but an interesting, informative article that helps musicians better understand the traps that they need to look out for.

Music Scam’s You Need To Know About

A Country Master Class

One day… one day I AM going to find the time to learn what Jerry is doing in this video.

Man these country pickers are really amazing. I never get enough of this.
Here’s Jerry Donahue

Super Silly Guitar and Musician Memes

Dave Mustaine View of the Audience

I wonder what Slash sees.

German Word play

To Stay With The Theme…

Very Well-Explained

Gear Head Humor

My Favorite Metal Guitar

That’s EXACTLY What it Sounds Like

Mega Booger


An Outlier

The Way of Chuck

Not A Joke

There’s no business like show business.

Someone Didn’t Think This Through

More Line6 Jokes

Cool, Interesting or Gorgeous Guitars

ALL Glass Strat

Never seen a see-through guitar where the neck is also transparent.
It probably would have looked nicer with a better background than cardboard lol. 🙂

Ash Grey Knaggs Guitar

I had never heard of these guys before. The builder’s name is Joe Knaggs. The company is located in Maryland

7-String with Aurora Borealis Finish

Beautiful Blue Neck Finish

Black and Blue Guitar

Another Black and Blue Guitar

Nice Blue Brown Color Combination Guitar

Blue Swirls Strat

Gorgeous Blue Yellow Green Burst Guitar

Interesting: Ramen Noodles Guitar

This should have been my go-to guitar during my college years at Berklee College. God knows how very often I ate this as a student.
It’s the whole reason I already paid off my student loans. 🙂

Fun Idea: Guitars Made from Skateboards

One of The Weirdest Strat Designs

Looks like Salvador Dali might have had a hand in this.


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