More Musician Jokes

Practicing is important, but so is laughing.
Here’s a couple of funny pictures I collected in past couple of months.

Obviously not a fan of Ornette Coleman

Funny Music Picture

Another douchebag guitar player

Funny Humor Picture

Apple Guitars

Musician Fun Picture

I love this one… The douchebag conductor

Funny Music Picture

The good old days…

Humor Music Images

Not a joke… but really cool thought.

Captioned Music Humor Image


Jokes Captioned Image

This should be added in the Facebook settings

Music Jokes

Ain’t that the truth

Funny Image For Musicians

Another douchebag guitarist.

Music Fun Jokes

And yet… China has the bigger population haha

Funny Jokes Related to Music

A rock guitarist knows 3 chords and plays in front of 10,000 people, a jazz guitarist knows 10,000 chords and… well… you know.

Funny Humor Picture


Humor Image for Musicians

No joke, just cool photography

Music Image for Fun

Low fidelity

Funny Musicians Jokes Images

I think this is my fav joke in this list

Captioned Music Image

About talent…

Captioned Joke Picture

We don’t need no education

Music Jokes

Fun with music notation

Humor Jokes

Musician Torture

Musicians Jokes

… or recording engineers

Music Fun Image

Since when is that an instrument

Joke Image for Music

Another fan of atonal contemporary classical

Text Jokes Image

Epic tattoo fail

Music Text Jokes


Captioned Joke Image

I need to try this with my son

Image of Music Captioned Image

Putting up his WTF face

Jokes for Musicians

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