More Guitar Memes and Nice Guitars That Make Me Smile


Tone Debates

Axe FX?



Darth Fader

Gear Acquisition Syndrome


The Alphabet Monogram

On an entirely different note:
Might seem out of place here, but most of you know I LOVE everything design. (Hence my love for well-built guitars)

Not sure if you’ve seen this really cool design online.
It’s called the Alphabet Monogram

When I first saw this, I couldn’t find many of the letters. The GIF helps.
Someone REALLY thought this through.

Some Cool Guitars

Deep Blue 7-String

Fire or Plants Guitar

Golden Flower ESP Guitar

Shiny Red Purple Guitar

Gorgeous Guitar by Kiesel and Carvin Guitars

A Rare Transparent Finish Parker Fly Guitar

The Top Wood on this guitar is phenomenal

Light Blue White 8-String

The blue on this guitar is so heavenly gorgeous.

Silver and Gold Les Paul

This guitar is quite a masterpiece.
I absolutely adore this guitar, even though I’ve never been a big fan of the Les Paul design and look.

I can only imagine how a Strat-like this would look like

The Silver Strat

The only Strat I can think of that comes close to the above, is this one, which I remember seeing years ago at either a Hardrock Cafe or the Hollywood Guitar Center.


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