Life Lessons for Guitarists

Life Lessons for Guitarists

As you know, I’ve written countless postings through the years discussing how to use your mental powers to achieve amazing feats on guitar with less effort.

These stories are based on a vast number of books I’ve read by Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Dr. Joseph Murphy (just to name a few), whom all recommend techniques like visualization, meditation, relaxation, or auto-suggestion, which you can use to trick your mind (brain) into being able to already do something as a means to speed up learning.

Here’s one of these old writings I’m referring to:

The Power of Visualization & Autosuggestion

The following post discusses how to make huge progress on guitar merely using your imaginative powers and visualization.

Inspiring Story About Practicing Without Practice (Effort).

About a year ago a really good friend of mine in Belgium, who is a huge Steve Vai fan, introduced me to these below Steve videos. It’s a video series Steve posted titled “Under It All.”
My friend was surprised I didn’t know about these videos yet.

I wanted to share them with you here, just in case you hadn’t found out about these Steve Vai gems yet either.

I still have not had a chance to watch all of Steve’s “Under it All” videos on Youtube, but the ones I’ve seen are golden.
It’s eye-opening to learn that Steve has also been using all those same visualizations, meditation, and mental techniques to reach his utmost maximum potential as an artist and guitarist.

More than anything: I found it really comforting and reassuring and fun to learn from someone so well known and at this level, that he reached that amazing level, using the same techniques I’ve always been teaching and using. The videos are very informative, interesting, and long, but I think you’ll enjoy them and learn a lot from what Steve is sharing.

Steve posted more such videos on YouTube.


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These free lessons are cool, but you will never experience the progress, joy, and results that my students experience in lessons when you’re learning by yourself from blogs and videos.

That is why people take lessons: way better results and progress, much more complete information, exposed to way more creative ideas than you can get from a blog or YouTube video.
There is only so much that self-study can accomplish.

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