Jimi Hendrix Style Chordal Embellishments.

Jimi Hendrix Chordal Rhythm Guitar Style

I occasionally get students who would like to learn rhythm guitar techniques of Jimi Hendrix.
Jimi had a very pianistic approach to rhythm guitar, which found it’s origin in RnB. He just pushed it further to an entirely new level and made it his own.

Here’s a ton of embellishments Jimi used all the time in his rhythm guitar playing.

The first bar shows a typical Jimi way of playing minor bar chords. This is a Gm chord.
The lowest note is played by grabbing over with thumb and pressing down the 3rd fret on the low E string with the thumb. The remaining 3 notes on the D, G and B string are barred with index.

The 2nd bar shows a rhythm approach Jimi used a lot, where you hit the bass (chord root) on beat 1 and the chord on the next beat.
Starting the 3rd bar, the rest of the page(s) show chordal embellishments Jimi used all the time in his rhythm playing.

All examples are in the key of Gm.
If you want to play or learn all this in the key of Em, you would just move it all down 3 frets, or up 9 frets.

The following examples are major key embellishments, in the key of C.

Following video is from a guitar lesson taught at my studio here. The accompanying tabs go with the video.


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