Interesting and Iconic Guitars, Fun Memes, and Finger Independence

Finger Independence

This is a pretty crazy brain drill. Your head might start smoking after a while.

Ideally, you would want to first spend some time with the 24 finger combinations I wrote about in the past.

Speed On Guitar Is The Byproduct of Accuracy

You need to get some proficiency with those first before you’ll be ready to tackle following more advanced drills.
This is the next level: getting 8 note finger patterns by combining 2 of the 24 finger combinations.

Of course, the easiest combinations are

  1. 1234 4321
  2. 4321 1234

You could literally combine any two 4-finger combinations, for example

4213 2314
1234 2143
4132 1423
2413 3142

Experiment away with this. You will see your dexterity and brain power further rise to ever-higher levels, as a result of doing these drills.

Interesting and Iconic Guitars

50s Space Cadet Body

An Interesting Bunch of Planks

Cadillac Inspired Guitar Design

Visually Complicated Guitar

Dark Brown

Eddie’s Iconic Guitar

Strange that Eddie passed away only a couple of days after I lost my mom. Both succumbed to cancer.

Flowery Engraved

Peter Occineri Custom Guitars

Futuristic Orange

Some Fun Memes & Hard Truths

The Horse With No Name

A Hard Truth

Useful Stuff


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