Improvisation Brain Benefits, Robert Fripp and Cool Guitars

Improvisation Brain Benefits, Robert Fripp and Cool Guitars

Easing into the new year, sharing some photos of cool guitars.

But first, some interesting, fun articles I recently read.

Why Improvisation Is Really Good For You

This well-written article talks about research into the influence of improvisation on the brain.
It also talks about how practicing improvisation, affects a musician in other areas of their lives.

A must-read.

Why Practicing Improvisation Is Really Good For You

a Robert Fripp Rig Rundown

Robert, known as the founder of King Crimson, does REALLY advanced and innovative things with and on guitar.

I was lucky enough to have seen Robert Fripp live while I was living in Boston.
A really cool experience.
He was sitting on a chair, completely surrounded by pedalboards and sound FX.

His innovative use of guitar synths and technology is why you probably don’t want to miss this following rig rundown video.

Did Glam Wrestling Give Bowie and Elton their Style?

This is a quick, fun read, mostly filled with a ton of (awkward) photos of wrestlers in the late ’60s and ’70s.

There is indeed something to be said, when you see those photos, how the often outrageous, flamboyant dress style of wrestlers, could possibly have been a stylistic influence that Bowie and Elton took ideas from.

Did Awkward Glam Rock Wrestling Give Bowie and Elton Their Style?

Beautiful and Interesting Guitars

Interesting Color Burst PRS

Cool Guitar Design

Lovely Turkoise Guitar

Luminescent Blue Les Paul

Gorgeous Guitar with Evernote Bridge

Menacing Dark Guitar

Moody Wood Grain Guitar

Multi-Color Les Paul

Nice Natural Wood Strat and Tele Combo

Nice Metal Guitar

Quilted Maple Natural Strat

Shiny Blue Stripes Guitar

Shiny Fluo Tele

Silver Telecaster

Turkoise – Green Burst F-Hole Telecaster

Gorgeous Shiny Turkoise Les Paul


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