I’m Working on Writing A Book About Guitar Improvisation

Master Guitar Improvisation: Learn How To Play Impressive Guitar Solos in Any Style in No Time

Some of the soloing tricks shared in “Master Guitar Improvisation” were first mentioned in my book “Guitar Essentials”, which you can find here:

The book Master Guitar Improvisation will literally go over EVERYTHING, from how to play a note, to what a scale is, to about 100 tips, tricks, concepts, and techniques to improve your solos. Some of the lessons include:

* Some Basic Music Theory
* Drills to Master your Fretboard
* The Most Commonly Used Scales
* How to Solo with Modes
* Tips to Make Your Solos More Expressive
* Exercises to Build Speed & Control
* How to Add Tons of Feel to Your Solos
* How to Make Your Solos Sing & Groove
* How to Combine Various Scales in a Solo
* How to Solo Over Modal Interchange
* Arpeggios and How to Use Them
* How to Solo in Different Musical Genres
* How to Construct & Compose a Solo
* Advanced Improvisation Concepts
* Well Over 100 Tricks and Techniques
* . . . and more.

I think the book will be about 160 pages, but it might end up being between 160 and 200 by the time I am done writing.

Here’s what the book will look like.

The cover of Master Guitar Improvisation

And here’s the back cover.

Vreny's book Master Guitar Improvisation

I will keep you posted when I get closer to publication, which I am aiming for before the end of this year still. I still have quite some writing to do, but at least, I already got an amazing book cover that I’m super happy with. 🙂

The book will also have its own section on GuitarVoyage.com where you will get to learn everything that is in the book, from really well-produced guitar lesson videos. You could use “Master Guitar Improvisation” as the handbook that goes along with the video lesson series

By the time you finished studying this book, you will be an amazing lead guitarist.

Here is one of the many things that will be covered in the book

How to solo with altered scale over I V

Meanwhile: hit me up anytime at vreny@zotzinmusic.com if you have any questions, or if you would like to book a lesson.

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