How to play Steve Winwood’s “I’m A Man” On Guitar

How to play Stevie Winwood’s “I’m A Man” On Guitar

Stevie already sounded like a 40 year old black soul singer when he was a teenager.

Here’s the studio version:

The song only has 2 song sections: verse and chorus. It keeps alternating between those 2 song sections.

As you might be able to detect by ear, the chord in the verse is an E7#9 (also called: “the Jimi Hendrix) chord.
The 7#9 chord has a distinctive sound that most people easily recognize.

The chorus consists of 4 chromatically descending chords:

||: G | Gb F | E7#9 | E7#9 :||

And that really sums up the whole song.

I like to double the bass part when playing rhythm guitar on this song, and add a mute to add some percussiveness to it.

Here’s how to put that all together into a really fun to play rhythm guitar part:

Here’s Stevie performing “I’m A Man” live with his band the Spencer Davis Group.
In this live version, Stevie plays the E7#9 chord on keyboards and the guitarist riffs in between.


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