How To Play Led Zeppelin’s “Bring It On Home”

The Long Blues Intro

Here’s how to play the long blues intro of the song.

This riff repeats for a very long time, all the way to 1:11, then moves down a string towards the floor and plays the same riff 4 times with the open A string.

After 4 times on A, we have 1 bar B then one bar A, played as shown in following:

Then 2 bars the E riff, then back to the B A thing, and then end on an E chord.

Then you want to kick on your overdrive for the next super fun riffs.

The Hammer-on Riff

Here’s how to play the first overdriven riff of the song.

How to improve your hammer on control, using Bring It On Home as an example

The Super Funky Riff

Here’s how to play the funky 2nd riff that comes next.

Jimmy Page the Funkmeister, how to play the funky riff in Bring It On Home

Repetition of the Last 4 Bars of the Intro

The song keeps alternating between these 2 riffs, till it gets back to the blues intro, which consists of the last 8 bars of the intro, basically following 4 bars twice in a row

||: B | A | E | E :||

The Blues Turnaround Ending

The song ends with following blues turn around at the end of the song

In the following video, you can see how to play it all. In addition to that video and the above transcriptions, check out the aforementioned blog pages by clicking on the posted URLs if you want to see a more detailed explanation of how to play those parts.


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