Will Launch in a Couple of Months

I can even begin to remember how many times students have told me through the years that I should start a subscription-based guitar and music learning site with videos.

There was always something holding me back to get this started: it seemed like an impossible amount of work to get this started, no time to do it, not sure if I could do it, not having the quality equipment (camera, lenses, lighting, etc.)

Little by little, in past 2 years, I made regular baby steps towards developing this goal: buying a great camera, learning about photography and lighting, buying a collection of lenses, figure out how to structure and build the online curriculum, and so on.

But this is finally happening. I’m currently getting the site built, and it’s getting really close now. Here’s the home page design.

And the sign-up page

I can’t wait to reach more people with my guitar teaching.

Lots of cool projects in the works for 2023.

Happy New Year and a Fantastic 2023.

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