Guitars, Humor, Accessories and Other Fun Stuff

Guitars, Humor, Accessories and Other Fun Stuff

Opinions About 7-String Guitars

Someone on The Gear Page asked why not more people switch to 7-string guitars.
I was never particularly interested myself in ever switching to 7-string.

Many people answered the post, and gave pretty good reasons for preferring 6 strings.

Why Not More People Fall In Love with 7-String Guitars

Fingerpicking Accessories

I wanted to share this here, because I had not seen these picks yet.
I probably would not be able to handle them myself, since I tend to not like finger picks.

Silly Memes

We Need More Jimmy Pages

Gentle Martial Arts

Not What You Expect

Oh Nooooo

More Petrucci Jokes

The Kids

The Magic of Alcohol

Things I Never Use

Thinking Outside The Box

Pissed Off Woman

Nice Guitars

Cool Paint Job Guitar

Another Comic Book Guitar

Colorful Custom Shop Strat

Warm Moody Green Blue Guitar

Ink Guitar

Eye-Catching Wood Guitar

Fluo Green Transparent Finish Guitar

Futuristic Feel Black Green Guitar

Futuristic Finish Guitar

See-Through Steve Vai Ibanez

See-Through Telecaster

Gorgeous 7-String

Guitar with Gorgeous Color

Natural Finish with Pearl Guitar

Beautiful Natural Wood Guitar

Green Blue 7-String


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