Guitar Enlightnement: Through 1 Thing Know 10,000 Things

How The Zen Saying “Through 1 Thing Know 10 Thousand Things” Applies to Studying Music

This is a famous Zen Buddhism saying.

Through the study of guitar… you will:

  1. Learn the importance of not being a perfectionist.
  2. Become a better listener
  3. Become more intuitive.
  4. Become more aware.
  5. Be more present and in the moment.
  6. Learn how to interact and cooperate better (ensemble playing)
  7. Become a better communicator.
  8. Become a leader
  9. Learn when to lead and when to follow.
  10. Learn to share.
  11. Learn everything there is to know about community and social interaction.
  12. Learn and grow self discipline
  13. Become more persistent.
  14. Grow tolerance and deeper understanding.
  15. Connect better.
  16. Learn who you really are
  17. Learn how to control emotions through the study of tension and resolution in music
  18. Become more intelligent and learn how to continuously grow one’s intelligence
  19. Become better coordinated. Better dancer.
  20. Become more in tune
  21. Learn more patience. You can’t force progress
  22. Through the growth of that patience, become more at ease and at peace
  23. Learn the importance of timing and improve your timing.
  24. Become more tactful and mindful. With mastery of timing… comes tact.
  25. Learn how to bring more happiness to your and other’s lives.
  26. Learn how to move people, emotionally and physically.
  27. Constantly raise the bar and your standards.
  28. You will become freer, better able to just improvise in the moment.

In other words: everything there is to know about yourself, your life, the universe, etc, can be learned through the study of guitar.


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