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Structured Memorization = Better Application

The more structured, organized, and thorough you are in your memorization and recitation of any given material, the sooner, faster, and deeper the material will get logged into memory, AND the lesser time it will take you to master the application of it on your guitar.

I see this all the time with my music students, who oftentimes can’t apply what they learned, because of a disorganized or flawed approach to taking in the information.

Here’s an example: music intervals.

A very important part of music theory and musicianship is the study of note distances, also called intervals. Students learn that in the most commonly used scale in our music, the major scale, there are two minor seconds (also called half steps) and five major second intervals (also called whole steps), three major thirds and four minor thirds, and so on, and they learn where in that scale these intervals occur.

The half steps are located on the 3rd and 7th note in the scale and the whole steps on the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th note.

It might not seem like much, yet the students who memorize this as “the half steps are on 3 and 7 and “everywhere else” is whole steps”, take longer to be able to apply their theoretical knowledge and perform those intervals on their instrument than a student who meticulously memorized the material by reciting the material as “the half steps are on notes 3 and 7 and the whole steps are on notes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 in the scale.”

The actual complete, thorough recitation of the exact information and note locations, makes that their brain is more at ease in the heat of the moment while soloing with those intervals.

Application and seeing how it all works gets way better when the brain is relieved from having to figure out on the spot, while soloing, which locations in the scale the five major seconds are located at, which it doesn’t have to do when you meticulously recited that information thoroughly during the memorization (info retention) phase of the learning process.

Funny Memes

Awww… that’s a bit of a nasty joke. 🙂

Scientist Humor

And the winner of the spellling bee is…

Common Names

A Cup with Chords

Seems a pretty good educational product to me. Improving your chord knowledge while having your coffee.

Fun Ikea Instructions

Great Looking Guitars

Classic Natural Wood Strat

Gorgeous Trans Purple

Killer Trans Blue Burst 7-String

Nice Black Inlay on White Tele

Glass Les Paul with Scorpio

A Beautiful Tele


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