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Where All Our Harmony Started

It started with fifth intervals in medieval times, but it soon evolved to the 3rd interval becoming the building block of all our chords.


Name that song…

One of the big mysteries

A healthy investment

Ah… good memories of the good old covid beginnings

Back when many people thought toilet paper seemed like a good investment.

Some Gorgeous Guitars

Gorgeous Game of Thrones Fenders

Thank god for my many students being a constant inspiration and resource for blog posts. My friend David Larmore who’s been studying with me for quite a number of years now just sent me this really fun info about the Game Of Thrones guitars.

Click here to Check out One of Fender’s “Game Of Thrones” Guitars

You can see and hear all 3 models here:

Light-Weight Guitar Design

Tele With Odd Finish

Snake Skin Strat

Sparkly Les Paul

Steve Vai with some of his guitars

Super Beautiful Kiesel Guitar

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this transburst color combination.


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There is only so much that self-study can accomplish.

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