Funny Guitar and Musician Jokes and Memes

Funny Guitar and Musician Jokes and Memes

Posing For Pictures

My 1-Track Mind (no Pun)

Even Jimi Dealt With This. Mustang Sally? Anyone?

Art and Dead

They Do Lead A Life of Their Own

What Brand is This Amp? It Doesn’t Say.


Know I Know What “Djent” is!

I Love People with Too Much Time on Their Hands: this is hysterical

Could Sell it as “Modern Art” and Earn a Shitload

One of those Craigslist Ads for Musicians

Ahh Noooooo!!


You probably already seen that one. Wanted to include it here cause this memes keeps cracking me up.

Inventive Key Hanger Design

As you might already know, I LOVE cool DESIGN.
I just found out about this fun idea.

Marshall JCM800 Jack Rack 2.0 (includes 4 keychains)Hang Your Keys Like A Rockstar


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