Fun Musician Memes, Some Music and Nice Guitars

Fun Musician Memes, Some Music and Nice Guitars

Starting off with some music first: this song never gets old for me.
It shows John’s fantastic skills as a songwriter, guitarist, and lyricist. It’s my favorite John Mayer song.

John Mayer “Belief”

Silly Guitarist Memes

A Cup O Tea

Not necessarily a funny meme. I just love this photo.
Would love to have a drink with these guys.

The Hills Are Alive

Air Guitar Accessories

Oh wooaaawww…
I found one way I can get rich: sell a whole line of air guitar products.

Air guitar strings, air guitar capos, air guitar air freshener, air guitar earplugs, air guitar tablature paper, air guitar string winders, air guitar pick-ups.

Got to Tune it though

Here’s That Guy again, now in Battle of The Bands

Building a Wall

I love this smart design idea

Ha… I would totally buy this. (to create picks for my students who keep emptying my pick collections at the teaching studio haha)

It Never Ends

The Funeral Hustle Pitch

Does It Have Coil Tapping?

… so I can play my favorite Stevie Ray Vaughan tunes on it.

You Wish It Were THAT Easy

Some Guitars I Really Like

Joe Satriani’s Chromeboy

I always really liked Joe Satriani’s silver guitar.
I have seen Joe play this guitar live quite a number of times.

You can read more about Joe’s Chromeboy here:

Ibanez Joe Satriani Guitars: The JS10 Chromeboy and Crystal

Kiesel Carvin

I had posted a picture of this gorgeous guitar in the past but found the specs online.
Here are some of the specs for that guitar.

All Silver Guitar

Amazingly Beautiful Strat

Bronze Strat

Camouflage Inside Case

I like how this guitar becomes one with the inside of the case.

Teal Kiesel Guitar

Beautiful Natural Wood Finish Guitar

One of My Favorite Strats

Same Gorgeous Strat

Purple Gold Strat

Red Black Ibanez

Never been hugely into red-colored guitars, but got to cater to the readers who don’t like blue. 🙂

Snake Guitar

Not my thing, but interesting enough to show here.

Eye Candy Les Paul

I’ve always been more of a Strat guy, but this is the first time I ever felt: I WOULD TOTALLY BUY THIS LES PAUL!!!


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