Fun Musician Drills, Cool Guitars and Some Humor

Fun Musician Drills, Cool Guitars and Some Humor

Cool Improvisation Trick

This is something I strongly encourage you to try out.

Solo over one of your favorite songs or over a backing track, with an in position (7-note or pentatonic) scale, consistently leaving one string out.

For example, solo with the root position A minor pentatonic box, but don’t play any notes on the B string (or A string, or D string,… you get the idea).

Having that “gap” in the scale fingerings, leads to new phrases and melodies you otherwise would never have been able to come up with.
Key in this: is self-discipline. Refrain from the temptation to quickly add a note on that string.

Great Ear Training lesson

The following is a drill I highly recommend.

Singing series of repetitive intervals: all b3’s, all whole steps, all major 3’s, all 4ths, all major 6ths, etc…

This is a challenge, but it’s amazing what this does to your ear development.

When you sing all whole steps, you are singing a whole tone scale
When you sing all minor 3rds, you are singing the notes of a dim7 chord
When you sing all major 3rds, you are singing the notes of an augmented triad
When you sing all perfect 4ths, you are singing the circle of 4ths
When you sing all perfect 5ths, you are singing the circle of 5ths

Some Silly Memes


Salad Happiness

Awkward Science

Cool, Pretty or Interesting Guitars

Skyline Guitar

Sparkly Blue Strat

7-String Steve Vai Ibanez

White Strat With Black Writing

Swirly Wood Grain Blue Guitar

Purple and Teal Guitar

Trans Blue Bleach Burst

All Turkoise Strat, Amp and Cab Combo

Turkoise Les Paul Beauty

Ugliest Guitar Shape Ever

Steve Vai Ibanez with Beautiful Neck Inlay

Very Red Guitar

Thomas Guitar

Visual Illusion Les Paul

Zakk Wyle Les Paul Blue Black Circles


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