Freddie Mercury: One of My All-Time Favorite Rock Singers

Freddie Mercury: One of My All-Time Favorite Rock Singers

The past couple of blogs involved quite some theory.
I wanted to take a break from all the guitar stuff to cover some fun info I found out about one of my favorite rock vocalists.

It’s actually my wife Tiannah, who had read about this research a couple of months ago, who forwarded it to me earlier this week.

Apparently: some peeps have done thorough, detailed research into Freddie Mercury’s vocal abilities.
It’s a hefty read, but very interesting (if you’re into the science behind this).

Study of Freddie Mercury’s Voice, Technique and Vocal Abilities.

I wanted to point out that there are links on the above webpage (as shown in the below snapshot) that you need to click on to read the full research reports.

Freddy Mercury Vocal Research

Meanwhile: to my utter amazement, I came across this video yesterday

His name, as I found out, is Marc Martel, and hell… he even looks like Freddie.
I was so impressed and so happy when I saw that video, I got teary-eyed.

And he pulls it off live on stage too:


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