Extraordinary Beautiful and Interesting Guitars.

Extraordinary Beautiful and Interesting Guitars.

As most of you know, I have played nothing but high-quality custom guitars for over 20 years now.
I tend to lean towards Suhr as my favorite guitar designer and builder.

Suhr guitars are very reliable, well-designed, well-built, versatile work horses.

I blogged extensively in the past about my dream guitar.
You can read more about it here and see a ton of photos

My Dream Suhr in Pictures.

Because I love that guitar so much, I find myself not looking at other guitars all that much anymore.

Somehow, in past couple of months, I received some Pinterest and Instagram links from students and friends who wanted me to see some guitar they really liked.

Here are some guitars I’ve come across in past couple of months that I really liked.
As many of you know: I tend to favor blue, transparent and bleach/burst type of finishes, so it’s no surprise that following gallery will have lots of blue guitars.

This following finish, is a custom finish you can also get on Suhr guitars. Suhr calls this finish “drip”

Not a Suhr guitar, but Suhr calls this finish “trans blue bleach”

This is a Skervesen guitar. These guys do pretty cool things. Later more about that.

I like this teal kind a blue

I like how this finish makes the guitar look “strong”

This next guitar is probably one of my favorite one’s in this gallery. Something “mysterious” about the color.

Never been a huge fan of the Les Paul model, but the finish on this is gorgeous

Not particularly in love with this following design, but the finish is gorgeous and interesting

I completely adore this next color scheme

A Skervesen 7-string to die for

I like to call this next one the Delft Porcelain Guitar. (Delft is a city in Holland famous for it’s pottery with the Delft Blue trademark feature)

A beautiful washed out transparent blue-white finish. (Combining my 2 favorite colors: blue and white)

I always really liked see-through, plexi-glass guitars.
Here’s a couple of those.

Not necessarily something I like, but I thought this Cheese guitar was too interesting and funny to omit it here.

Not something I would like or buy, but this guitar design is pretty cool nevertheless

Some of the above guitars are built by a builder in Gdansk, Poland, who I just found out about this week.
Not sure if Skervesen is the name of the builder or the company (or both).
They appear to be doing some really cool guitar designs.

Check out more Skervesen guitars here.

Skervesen Instagram


Skervesen is one of the guitar builders who tends to like multi-scale guitar necks.
Something you probably want to know about.
Read more about it here:

What Is A Multi Scale Guitar Neck?


Hit me up anytime at [email protected] if you have any questions, or if you would like to book a lesson.

These free lessons are cool, but you will never experience the progress and results learning from blogs and videos, that my students experience in lessons.
There’s also much more cool stuff you can do with substitution pairs, and way more possibilities than can be covered in a video or blog.

That is why people take lessons: way better results and progress, much more complete information, way more creative ideas they learn in lessons than you can get from a blog.
There is only so much that self-study can accomplish.

Keep me informed on your progress. You can hit me up in the comments section below.
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I believe everything can always improve. I’d gladly implement your suggestions and ideas.

Be on the look out for more blogs about guitar, music, songwriting and music education.
You’re on your way to becoming a great guitar player.
Have fun! 🙂

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