Ethereal Tunings, Science, Guitar Neck Art and Giant Steps Country Style

Ethereal Tuning

That is what guitar player Ichika calls the open Dmaj7 tuning.
His strings from low to high are tuned to D A C# F# C# D

He wrote a really cool instrumental song in that tuning. Check it out here:

Read this Article in Guitarworld about The Dmaj7 “Ethereal Tuning” here

Thorium Cars

I know it seems odd that I would post the following on my blog here.
After all: this doesn’t have anything to do with the guitar.

However: we guitar players oftentimes tend to gravitate over time to the science of things, and into the design, and so on.
That is why I figured you might be interested in this interesting topic: a car that runs on Thorium.

The only reason for me posting this on my guitar blog is that I got so fascinated by this, I couldn’t help but want to share it here.

Neck Illusions

I’m not sure if Jennifer came up with this idea, or just endorses it, but I found out about this through Jennifer Batten.
Jennifer is an unbelievable guitarist.
I am lucky to have seen her live 3-4 times.

Chances are, if you like Michael Jackson, that you have seen Jennifer too since she was MJ’s guitarist for many years.

Anyhow: the following is a really cool idea to easily customize your guitar neck.

Neck Illusions

Songwriting Credits

ASCAP sent me the following interesting read.
It mentions how it has become common these days for songs to have 30 songwriters credited.

Seems overkill and weird, but totally makes sense after reading this article.

Why Songs End Up With A Vast Amount of Songwriters Credited

Giant Steps Played The Country Way

I never could have imagined Giant Steps as a country tune.
Pretty amazing… you need to hear this.

The 40 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time

While such lists tend to be pretty pointless, it’s still fun to see what somebody else thinks would be the greatest metal albums ever.
These are the 40 best metal albums according to Spin Magazine

The 40 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time


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