Beethoven Analysis, Musical Memories under Alzheimer & More

Empirical Beethoven Analysis

Empirical Analysis of Beethoven’s Music. This is a quick, interesting read.

Fun Memes

We’ve got some really serious read coming up about Alzheimer’s and the brain.
To balance this out a bit, here are a couple of memes I came across in the past days, that will lighten the mood a bit.
Not all of them are music-related, but I liked them too much to not post them here.

The Famous Signs in Indian Hills

I’ve always been in love with smart wordplay.

Juan’s Car

Password Logic


The Samuel L Jackson 5

Don’t Crash Against The World’s Place Holder

Musical Memories under Alzheimer

New studies have shown that musical memories cannot get lost to Alzheimer’s or dementia.
Here’s more info about that study:

The Music Memory Part of Your Brain Will Never Get Lost to Alzheimers


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