David Gilmour’s 120 Guitars Auction & Dimash

You Could Own One of David Gilmour’s Guitars

David Gilmour is auctioning off 120 of his guitars to benefit his charity. This auction includes his famous, 1969 Black Strat, which was played on “Money”, “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”, “Comfortably Numb” and numerous other Pink Floyd classics.

Following is a fun interview with David Gilmour.

David Gilmour Interview With Fun Guitar History.

You can see some of the guitars here on Christies auction website.

The David Gilmour Guitar Collection for Sale.

My All-Time Favorite Vocalist

One of my students recently introduced me to Dimash Kudaibergen.
Dimash instantly became my all-time favorite vocalist.
There has never been a vocalist with his mind-blowing range, skill level, or expressiveness. Imagine having over a 6-octave vocal range, unbelievable.

Following song is composed by fellow Belgian musician and composer Lara Fabian, sung by Dimash, who names Lara as one of his important musical influences.

In this following video he sings the “Diva Dance” song from the movie “The 5th Element”.

The idea was to compose an Alien sung science-fiction movie vocal part that is so otherworldly, all over the place in interval leaps, and wide in range, that it would sound like something only an alien could sing.
In order to pull this off for the movie, they had to digitally edit and process the recorded notes of a trained soprano opera singer, and even had to resort to mixing in keyboard played notes to
get the part right.

And then… Dimash came along and performed this impossible to sing song like it’s nothing.


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