Creating Melodic Sequences Using Pedal Points

Creating Melodic Sequences Using Pedal Points

You know what melodic sequences are now, from last week’s blog, which you can check here:

Melodic Sequences

Pedal point was discussed in the past, in this blog:

Rock Guitar Soloing Episode 5

You can come up with very structured melody lines, when you combine both.

How Do You Combine The 2 Concepts

Well you basically play a short pedal point line, then create a sequence repeating the pedal point line on different starting notes in the scale.

Here’s 2 examples:

Pedal Point Sequences

Check following video to see how the 2 above examples sound like.
The video also showcases how to implement this concept within the context of soloing over a song.


Like I mentioned in last week’s blog: melodic sequences can possibly sound tedious when overused.
As you can see in the above video though: these lines really create a sense of direction when used in a solo.

Moreover: creating melodic sequences with pedal points, establishes more structure within the solo.
This a great concept, which at the same time creates a sense of direction, structure as well as momentum and build to a solo.

You want to come up with your own lines, and practice this concept on a daily basis till it naturally starts showing up in your guitar solos.

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