Cool White Guitars

Cool White Guitars

My 2 favorite colors: blue and white.

I really like this all white guitar I just found out about.

One day: I am going to own an all-white (including white guitar neck) guitar.

Such an unbelievable, crying shame though, that this white Strat has this silly red sticker.
Later more about that.

Mu god that neck is so beautiful.

Searching around on the internet after seeing this gorgeous guitar, I found out what the deal is with the stupid red logo.
Not coincidentally: a ton of people who have seen this guitar, pretty much all hate that label on such a gorgeous guitar.

It’s the result of a cooperation with some kind of New York–based lifestyle and fashion brand called “Supreme” (this red label appears to be their logo).

They commissioned this sleek white–on–white Stratocaster built by Fender for a lineup of lifestyle products.

Supreme is supposedly well–known for its collaborations with other companies, and this guitar includes a Supreme–branded case, strap, and picks.
It also sports the Supreme logo on the body between the front two pickups. (Terrible, terrible, terrible idea)

Information about the guitar is limited, though it appears that the neck is maple and has been painted to match the body and headstock.

I read in a description for this guitar, that “based on appearances, this is likely intended more as a decorative, collectable item than a primarily functional guitar, but certainly offers a unique spin on the classic Stratocaster template”.

I’m not necessarily sure if that is true.
The guitar looks to me like it is well-built and fully functional indeed.
It would be a shame if this were just built to display, and not to be “an actual guitar”.

I absolutely love that guitar: if only it didn’t have the red blemish.
And yes of course: I find the whole idea of owning “a guitar as decorative piece” rather silly. (But hey: we’ve all got our opinions about everything of course)
Then again: why own a guitar for any other reason than to play it and create with it.

Is it worth over $7000?
That’s an entirely different question altogether.
From a musician, sound, instrument quality perspective: no, prob not. You can get a world-class unbelievable Custom built Suhr for much less than that.

For all I know: in a couple of years, I might custom order an all-white Suhr Modern, that looks close to the same like that above Strat. (With that difference that I favor the Suhr Modern body design instead of the Strat/pick guard guitar type of design)
I’ll pay much less than 7000, and end up with what will more than likely be a much higher quality guitar overall.

Another all-white guitar that came to my mind, is Prince’s White Cloud

Here are some other beautiful white guitars I found.

This one’s not all-white, but pretty cool too.


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