Cool Guitars, Innovative Guitar Ideas, And Some Silly Memes

Sidekick Pickups

This is a really cool, smart design idea that famed luthier Dean Zelinski came up with.
He found a way to design humbuckers so they can be truly coil-tapped and really sound like true single-coils

Read more about it here.

Sidekick Pickups

The Huge Mistake of Omitting Guitars in Pop Music

The following video is an absolute “must-watch”.

You know how there seems to be this tendency or trend for pop artists and producers to look down on guitar.
Well… they are WRONG to do so.
It’s really cool to hear Rick add guitar to pop songs, and literally, just by adding guitar, make the pop song MASSIVELY better.

It’s hopeful to see this, and it gives the feeling that guitar is probably here to stay after all.

Some Cool Guitars

Gorgeous Silver Dean Zelinski Strat

Quilted Maple Top Beauty Guitar

White Strat and Matching White Marshal Stack Combo

Gorgeous Trans Grey Strat

Some Funny or Silly Memes and Pictures

The Things You See While On Tour

More Things You See While On Tour

When Grandma Built Them


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