Album Cover Copycats, Cool Guitars and Funny Memes

Album cover Copyright Infringement

I have this really good friend in Belgium who was a radio DJ for many years. He also wrote as a journalist for European prog rock magazines. You should see his house: WALLS full of CDs, over 80,000 CDs. It’s unbelievable.

Not only that: he’s a HUGE prog rock fan, so most of the CD’s are by bands like Genesis, Gentle Giant, Max Webster, Lemur Voice, Yes, Kansas, Rush, King Crimson, Dream Theater, Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic, Focus, and thousands of more bands in that genre.

I LOVE hanging out with him because his knowledge is BEYOND encyclopedic. And prog rock is also one of my favorite music styles.
Anyhow: a couple of months ago he started posting rip-offs of album covers. Here’s a rip-off of a Clash album cover.

and the crazy similar rip-off

Here’s another one: the bassist in Megadeth, David Ellefson, has his own solo band. He’s ripped off a Def Leppard album cover

The original: Def Leppard’s “On Through The Night” album cover

and the remarkably similar looking rip off:

German Efficiency

I lived in Germany for a year in my late teens. I LOVED it.

I love the efficiency, punctuality, and reliability that are very much a part of the German mentality. You always know where you stand, no time gets wasted in silliness and you have more peace of mind knowing that everything will get taken care of in an efficient way.

Here’s an example:

How Composers Modulate

Moving on to some music stuff: I LOVE this meme. It looks funny AND it holds a vast amount of compositional knowledge and music history in a small graphic.


Math Books

Ypres, the city where I grew up, before the Second World War

On an entirely different note, this is how my city where I grew up looked like in the 30s

Cool Guitars

Futuristic Looking 7-String

A 30-Fret Ibanez

How I would love to play or own that guitar.

50s Space Model

A Plank Tele

A Tree Guitar

All Metal Strat

I wonder how heavy this guitar is.

Apparently: Ibanez has other 30-fret models


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