Cool Guitar Gear and Musicians You Want To Know About

Klaus Nomi: David Bowie’s back-up singer

I recently read this really great article about Klaus Nomi.
He’s most well-known for being the backing singer on David Bowie’s famous SNL performance.

More importantly though: Klaus was a ground-breaking entertainer, who was too far ahead of his time or too odd to ever breakthrough.
A great read that teaches how being a trailblazer is not always a good thing.

The Secret Career of David Bowie’s Back-Up Singer

Cool Guitar Gear and Musicians You Want To Know About

Deimel Guitars

One of my students recently ordered a Deimel Guitar.
He brought it to his lesson and I had a chance to play it.

I REALLY loved the feel, the finish, the attention to detail, the great sound, and the vast amount of cool things that come with the guitar.
This is just a lovely, friendly couple in Germany, a husband, and wife, who built REALLY high-level, amazing guitars.

Some of the cool built-in features, just to give you an idea of how innovative Deimel guitars are:

  1. A piezo microphone/pickup built inside the headstock. This creates cool sounds when you tap the headstock, and adds an acoustic guitar sound to the guitar
  2. A lipstick pick-up mounted on the opposite side of the bridge, adding the possibility to play a lot of high pitchy, plinky sounds.
  3. A kill switch
  4. Piezo pickups mounted in various locations for lots of acoustic sounds
  5. Built-in electronics that let you oscillate between the 2 humbuckers, creating lots of interesting space Leslie type of sounds.

Check them out here:

Deimel Guitars

Some Funny or Silly Things

Life Philosophies Explained With A Glass of Water

This isn’t necessarily funny or silly, but I very much like the cleverness of it.

Having Children

Not a musician meme, but I thought it was silly enough to add here.

Mistakes and Wisdom

Not funny or silly, but I wanted to include it here cause I thought it was inspiring.
It also seemed appropriate to include here, given how many students I encounter every week who beat themselves up every time they make mistakes.

Not Stressful At All

Stealing Guitars

I wonder why he got caught.

Beware of Suspicious Pants

This is not really a music or guitar meme, but I liked it too much to omit here.

This Cat Knows His Music Theory

Bill Frisell Playing The Beatles.

Ending with some music…
Here’s the NPR performance of Bill Frisell playing instrumental versions of Beatles songs.

Bill’s an interesting guitarist you want to know about.


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