Chord Tone Ninja Part 2

Chord Tone Ninja: 1 Chord Type, All Keys, in 1 Position

This is the next level, continuation of last week’s blog Chord Tone Ninja Master Part 1.

Read and practice the information in last week’s blog first, before attempting today’s lesson.
Last week we discussed soloing with chord tones of a given chord, only covering a 4-fret range with your fingers, and doing this in all 12 positions.

Instead of 1 chord through all 12 positions, you can also go through all 12 keys/chords staying in 1 position.
Here’s the explanation of that drill:

  1. Pick any chord type, for example, dominant 7 chords
  2. Pick a position on the guitar neck. For example, 1st position, which is the first 4 frets. Don’t reach outside of these 4 frets.
  3. Start with C7.
  4. Figure out the notes. The notes of a C7 chord are C E G Bb.
  5. Find those notes in the 1st position.
  6. Solo with those notes of a C7 chord that chosen position.
  7. Do this for a minute.
  8. After a minute, move on to the next key. Go up the circle of 4ths. Moving up a 4th from C, the next chord is F7. Solo with the notes of an F7 chord.
  9. After a minute, move on to the Bb7 chord, then Eb7, etc.
  10. You could do this for 1 minute per key/chord = 12min drill. You could also do the 96 bar drill. It’s a backing track that is 96 bars long, going through all 12 keys, moving up the circle of 4ths every 8 bars.
  11. You could do a different position every day, finishing all keys in all positions every 12 days. Day 1 = first 4 frets, day 2 frets 2345, day 3 frets 3456 etc.


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