Bar Chord Exercise: Transpose Chord Progressions On The Spot

The Mastery Level: Transposing On The Spot

This takes the bar chord exercise we discussed last week, to the next level.
You can find last week’s blog here:
The Ultimate Bar Chord Exercise.

Following the guidelines discussed in last week’s blog, write a 4-bar random chord progression.

For example:

Bb | Dbm | F#m | Ab ||

Using the 4-bar chord progressions you wrote down: play the line, transposing the chords you’re reading to another key.

For example up a whole step (you play chords up 2 frets from the chords you’re reading):

You read:

Bb | Dbm | F#m | Ab ||

… but you play:

C | Ebm | G#m | Bb ||

Or you could transpose everything up a half step.

You see

Bb | Dbm | F#m | Ab ||

… but you play:

B | Dm | Gm | A ||

You could also transpose down a half or a whole step from what’s written.

Once you get really good at this, start transposing larger intervals up and down.
You could transpose up or down a minor 3rd, or a major 3rd, or a 4th, or a tritone (this one’s tough) or a 5th, etc.


Being able to transpose on the spot, is a great skill to have.
Practice transposition with an interval up or down.

One of the many situations where this skill comes in handy is for example when you accompany vocalists who are uncomfortable singing a piece of music in the key it is written in.
It makes their life really easy if their guitarist can transpose any piece of music on the spot to any key of their liking.

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