How All Melodies Already Exist. The Mystery of the Missing Hit

Algrorithms and Melody

This is a cool read about the mathematical limitations of the number of melodies that are possible.
Two guys generated every possible melody with algorithms and then released them to the public for really cool, noble reasons.

Check out this fun read about it:

Musicians Algorithmically Generate Every Possible Melody

It’s interesting to note that many people in the music business, including songwriters, composers, and recording engineers/producers I worked with, feel that all melodies pretty much already exist or that it has become super hard to still come up with great melodies.

I absolutely do not share that opinion, at all.

I believe that is only true if your intent is to come up with very simple, 1-dimensional, short, overly repetitive melodic phrases like the ones in the songs that make the Grammys or that you hear on hit radio.

However; the richness and uniqueness in melody lie in how you structure or combine various shorter phrases. I am certain I can come up with at least a thousand more unique melodies, just by how I combine shorter melodic phrases or by playing around with interval or modulation combinations.

The Missing Hit Song

This is a fun podcast about a guy who remembered this funky guitar part that he thought was a huge hit. This leads him to a long search because the hit song seemed to have completely vanished as if it had never existed. It’s a great story about how memory works and how fickle it can be.

The Missing Hit Song

Some Cool Guitars

Gorgeous Burl Top with Beautiful Binding




Everybody who knows me well knows that is my dream to one day own my own Chrome Porsche.
Ever since I was an infant, I’ve always been in love with the design of Porsche cars and I always knew it was going to be a white Porsche with a light blue race stripe.

That was till a couple of years ago, I saw an all-chrome Porsche.
I immediately fell in love with it.

It already crossed my mind that maybe I should also get an all-chrome guitar once I have the Porsche and do a cool all-chrome photoshoot for an album cover. Chrome guitars look pretty cool too.

Chrome Standing Bass

And I can get that one for the bass player in my band.


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