The Detriment of YouTube Learning, African Guitar, and Some Cool Guitars

African Guitar, Jamming and Some Cool Guitars

The more you’re exposed to other points of view, other ways of doing things, other techniques, and other styles, the more that exposure inspires and opens up your own creativity. That is one of the many reasons why there has never been any better time to be alive. Youtube and Google are only some of the many platforms that give us access to many new ideas from all over the world.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that Youtube is a great way to become a fantastic guitar player. For that, there are too many things missing that are part of a learning system: correction, guidance, follow up, feedback, structure, accountability, a plan, organization of the to be learned material within that plan, practice advice, and adaptation of the provided info or material to your specific skill level, are just some of the things you don’t get from a medium that merely gives information.

I’ve said it before: providing the information is not teaching. Taking that a step further: merely taking in information is not learning. A dog can take in information, and learn to put his butt down when he hears the word “sit”, or go walk when you say “walk”. That doesn’t mean that the dog understands English, or knows why you want him to “sit”, or knows of his own accord in which situation it’s appropriate to go sit and when it’s not.

A parrot can take in information and repeat a few words when it has heard these words enough times, but that doesn’t mean that that parrot can form sentences of his own accord, or knows what those words mean, or knows when or why someone would say those words.

Yet, many people still mistake “learning guitar from YouTube” as if that would mean “getting a solid education or training”. It’s not solid and it’s not even education, it’s just content. (And unfortunately: not always accurate or great either).

But, one thing that is good, is that that content, posted from all over the world, shows you the many odd, interesting, unusual, unorthodox, and refreshing sounds and approaches that people in vastly different cultures get out of or apply to the guitar.

Here’s an African guitarist playing some interesting sounding, driven open tuning guitar with unorthodox fretting hand technique.

Speaking of the vast amount of nonsense we’re also all exposed to on the internet, who on earth ever thought this following, utterly useless product, would be such a great idea?

The ultimate product for those who never want to build callus, AND always and forever want to be dependent upon their finger covers.
Imagine being at a party or a campfire and having to come up with the excuse: “Ah guys, it’s so cool you have a guitar here, and I would love to play some guitar for y’all, but I forgot to bring my finger covers.”

What their ads of course don’t tell, is that the discomfort in the fingertips goes away after about 10 days of playing a bit every day.

Now, here’s something that IS a fantastic idea!!!

One of my best friends has one and speaks very highly of his Ciari guitar.

Here’s the Ciari guitars website.

The Ciari Guitars Website


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