A Medley Of Inventive Guitar And Bass Player Tidbits

This Guy’s Technique Fascinates Dweezil Zappa.

I had seen this video posted before on FB, and just came across it again on Dweezil Zappa’s Facebook page. Dweezil Zappa was inquiring who this guitar player is, sharing that he’s fascinated by the guitarist’s technique.

The guitar player’s name is Elman Namazoglu. He’s from Azerbaijan and his main ax is a Soviet-era Czech-made Jolana Special guitar.

The style of music is called Tallava. Learn about Tallava music here

John Scofield Advice for Guitarists.

I’m a big John Scofield fan, with tons of his albums in my vast music collection. Wanted to share some of his helpful insights here.

John Scofield’s 9 Tips For Guitarists

Inside the Strange, Hidden World of Offstage Touring Musicians

This is an interesting article I recently read. It contains interviews with a couple of offstage touring musicians, including Robert Mason, the vocalist for Warrant, who did offstage backing vocals for Ozzy Osbourne in 1995-96.
They have some fun, interesting rock stories to share.

LA Weekly: Inside the Strange, Hidden World of Offstage Touring Musicians

South-Arican Guitarist Hannes Coetzee

If you’re always on the search for new ways to play guitar, watch South-African guitarist Hannes Coetzee play teaspoon slide guitar. Supposedly, his song “Mahala” is “a tune that made him world-famous”. As if being world-famous for playing slide holding a teaspoon in your mouth, wasn’t enough.

James Jamerson Bass Playing On Stevie Wonder’s “For Once In My Life”

James Jamerson has always been one of my all-time favorite bass players.
Here’s a really great video showing a graphic score for the song.

and here for my favorite Stevie Wonder song ever: “I Was Made To Love Her”

Nobody comes up with crazy genius bass lines like that anymore.

Clayton Excotic Bone Jazz: My New Favorite Guitar Pick.

My very generous friend and student David Larmore gave me those as a present.
I fell in love with them right away. Being that the picks are made from bone, they have a very “organic” feel, as if they sort of “feel alive” in your hand.

I’m still in love with the feel and sound of the Red Bear Trading Company picks, but I just wish the Red Bear Trading picks weren’t so unbelievably expensive.
These Clayton Exotic Bone Jazz picks are a very good, much more affordable alternative. I like them a lot.

Here’s more info:


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