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Tapping: Joe Satriani’s “Midnight”

Tapping: Joe Satriani’s “Midnight” This is one of the songs on Joe Satriani’s “Surfing With The Aliens” album. It’s a must-have in every guitar player’s music collection. Support artists: go buy the album. You can hear the studio version of “Midnight” here Here you can see Joe perform it live This is a great song
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The Purple Rain Chords

The Purple Rain Chords We all know of course that Prince was an outstanding musician. There is a lot we can learn from analyzing his songs, chord progressions and solos. Today I want go quickly go over the Purple Rain chords. I’m not intending to go into the very specific notes or note placements of
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Jokes And Gear: The Fun Musician’s Life

Jokes And Gear: The Fun Musician’s Life Before we start with the fun, some serous stuff first. Music Industry Scam Education It’s not exactly what I would call a “fun read’, but an interesting, informative article that helps musicians better understand the traps that they need to look out for. Music Scam’s You Need To
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