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Great Quotes, Jokes and Nice Guitars

Great Quotes “Honesty is not a policy, it’s a state of mind” (Eugene LHote) “If you add to the truth, you subtract from it” (The Talmud) “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” (Theodore Roosevelt) “Success is not getting what you want, it’s enjoying what you have.” (Glen Campbell) “Wealth consists
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Advanced Wayne Krantz Influenced Soloing Technique

Advanced Improvisation Technique Influenced by Wayne Krantz In case you need an introduction to Wayne Krantz, here are some videos of him performing live. As you can tell, Wayne has an incredibly unique style and personality as a guitarist. While I was in Berklee, I had the good fortune to study private instruction for a
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Guitars and Humor

Guitars and Humor This German company makes aluminum guitar necks. They even have an all-aluminum guitar. I like the chrome, shiny, polished look. German engineering with classic, timeless design. Baguley Guitars Aluminum Neck Guitars Blue Metallic Beauty Crazy Gorgeous Burl Delft Porcelain Elaborate Carved Woodwork Eye-Catching with Classic Look Grey Red Oddity Innovative Headless Design
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