ZOT Zin Music Affiliate FAQ

Why Should I Choose The ZOT Zin Music Affiliate Program?
ZOT Zin Music has been in business in the US since 1998 and has grown to become the top private guitar & music teaching business in Los Angeles.
In short, you’ll ride with the best, we’ll do all the work, and you’ll see 10% on every sale. We do all of the work and eliminate all of the risks!

Who Can Apply To The Affiliate Program?
If you have a website, you can be an affiliate. Sites that contain or link to inappropriate content do not qualify for the Affiliate Program. Click here to read the Affiliate Agreement.
If you don’t have a site: no worries. You can still be an affiliate simply using your email address to email your ZOT Zin Music link with your personal tracking code to your friends or acquaintances who you think would want to study with us.

How Much Does The Affiliate Program Cost?
It’s absolutely FREE! There is no minimum sales requirement or application fee.

How Do I Get Paid?
When visitors click through the link or logo that you have properly linked to our site and purchase guitar lessons from ZOT Zin Music, you will receive up to a 10% cash referral fee on the orders (not including returns, shipping, and taxes, etc. and not including orders made by yourself or existing students). We will calculate your referral fees and pay you your earnings at the end of each month. If your referral fees total less than $25 for the month, we will accrue your referral fees until you reach the $25 floor and pay you at the end of the corresponding month. All payments will be made in US dollars.

How Do I Keep Track Of Orders Made Through My Site?
You don’t have to. As long as you download the links properly, we can track whether or not a visitor originated directly from your site/email prior to placing an order. You will be given a ZOT Zin Music link with an embedded tracking code that is personal to you. You can post that link on your website or send it in your emails. Each time someone clicks on your ZOT Zin Music link and buys lessons, you earn cash.

How Do I Get Started?
Here’s what you do:
1. Read the Service Agreement and Affiliate FAQ.
2. Submit our easy online application form below.
3. Log into your account for linking instructions.

You are responsible for creating links to ZOT Zin Music, attracting viewers to your site, and directing traffic to your links. We handle the rest, including processing and shipping all orders. We also monitor orders generated from your site, provide affiliate sales reports and deposit your earnings to you.

How Do I Create Links To ZOT Zin Music?
Once you are accepted into the program, we will provide you with all of the tools and logos needed to create your links.

Can I Paste Links To More Than One Web Page?
Yes, just complete one application and use your unique link with the tracking code that we will provide you, on all your sites. We consolidate all your earnings from all your sites where you have your unique ZOT Zin Music into 1 report.