Top-Rated Singing Lessons in Santa Clarita | Move People

You Will Get

A personalized lesson program that addresses your unique vocal needs and goals.
You will have your lessons with a very patient, friendly, fun vocal coach who holds a Masters in Music Education and who has over 20 years of experience teaching vocal students.

A Broad Lesson Overview

For one-hour lessons: the first half-hour will be spent on strengthening the voice itself.
We will work much like a fitness trainer to identify and better coordinate those areas of your voice that are holding you back.
If your voice is in great shape: we’ll focus on more advanced exercises to keep it so and to make your voice even better.

The second half of the lesson will be spent on repertoire and ear training.
This will vary from student to student.
We always work on whatever we really want to focus on vocally and stylistically.
However: you will learn how to approach any vocal situation and how to get the best sound possible while maintaining the health and integrity of your voice.

Yes, this includes singing Hard Rock, Belt, Opera, Popera, Broadway, rock vocals, and any other genre.
You will also be coached on performance techniques and interpretation.
Moreover: we will help you develop your own unique style and will help you bring out your identity as a vocalist and bandleader.


  1. Discovering and building the voice.
  2. Basic ear training and simple sight reading.
  3. Gain a foundation of good vocal practice and solid musicianship.


  1. Addressing the vocal registers.
  2. Coordinating the various parts of the voice so they are healthy and dependable.
  3. More advanced ear training,
  4. improve your sight-reading,
  5. Selecting repertoire and learning how to practice a song properly
  6. Learning basic performance techniques in various styles of music.
  7. Performing live.


  1. Blending the vocal registers and coordinating them for a perfect blend.
  2. Equipping the student to maintain their own voice and make good vocal choices when performing.
  3. Vocal Improvisation. Hear what you sing and sing what you hear.
  4. Advanced ear training, music theory and sight reading.
  5. Interpretation of various genres of music.
  6. Advanced performing live, with other singers and in a recording environment.
  7. Intense study of what the student wants to sing. We will now zero in on the exact desires of you as a singer and help you master everything you need to reach those goals.