The Voice Lesson Experience

Welcome to Steve Spataro’s Singing Lessons!

If you have never taken vocal lessons before with a top vocal coach, you are about to discover an unbelievably fun and rewarding journey.

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate-level singer, or a highly advanced vocalist: your singing lessons will bring you renewed joy and satisfaction through the amazing progress you will experience.
You’ll also enrich your musical journey by discovering many new vocal techniques and possibilities.

Why You Will Love Your Singing Lessons.

  • 1. Proven, Strong Results.
  • Using this unique method, each lesson is individually tailored to address your vocal condition and improve it. Not a cookie cutter
  • You will see fantastic progress in the development of your singing abilities. All our students are always surprised at how quickly they see results in their vocals.
  • 2. Top Quality.
  • 24/7 support. You can contact me anytime with questions. I always respond to my students asap.
  • I hold a Masters in Music Education and have over 20 years experience as a vocal teacher.
  • A vast repertoire of materials available to help you reach your goals.
  • I also provide:
    • An extensive song library with over 44,000 songs in any genre.
    • The ZOTZinMusic studio holds an extensive music library with hundreds of books on anything music and vocals.
    • An extensive sheet music library with thousands of song charts in any style.
  • My students love that they can learn anything they want to, and see amazing progress instantly.
  • 3. Intense, insightful and gratifying!
  • Patient, supportive and understanding of the unique challenges singers must confront and overcome.
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Why is this approach so unique and effective?

  • 1. Customized Lessons
  • Each lesson is individually designed to accommodate your vocal condition and address what it needs.
  • Your voice is your voice. You have certain characteristics that are unique to your voice.
  • By addressing the uniqueness of your voice, we can bring it to it’s full potential.
  • 2. A Unique, Logical & Structured Approach to the Voice.
  • This approach makes sense and gets results. (We explain more about this later)
  • 3. Inspiring & Creative.
  • Tailored to your individual taste, style, needs and goals. That is the beauty of private instruction: we get to work closely with you on what you really want to learn, at your own pace.
  • 4. I’m A Music Educator First and Foremost.
  • Yes, I perform, and write music and play shows, but my main passion has always been teaching music.
  • Holding a Masters in Music Education from NYU, I’m one of the top vocal instructors in Los Angeles.
  • I’m known to be enthusiastic, driven and focused, but also kind, patient, caring and understanding.

What I Teach.

  • Training & Control Over Your Vocal Muscles.
  • We will address the way your vocal operates and make it stronger and more efficient.

    Many approaches to voice involve some pretty complex combinations of physical things.
    Vocal teachers give instructions like: “breath a certain way, lift the soft pallet, place the sound, bring your eyebrows up, bounce the sound out your nose into the frontal mask”… etc.
    Although these practices are able to achieve results, often one very important component is overlooked: the actual vocal mechanism.

    Many techniques deal with things outside the actual vocal mechanism thus never really addressing the full potential of the singer.

  • The voice, as proven by world-renowned vocal expert Corneilus Reid, is simply a set of muscle groups that, when coordinated properly, creates the most beautiful and powerful sound imaginable. Listen to a baby cry. Those little vocal cords send out a sound that rattles the walls in the room. Most adults cannot match that intensity.
  • By identifying and strengthening those specific areas of your vocal mechanism that are not properly coordinated, your voice will grow to its fullest potential. This method utilizes the basic principles of Bel Canto singing and combines the science of acoustics. This created a series of tenets that allow one to directly influence the way the vocal mechanism operates and bring it to its full potential.

  • You will get very specific, easy-to-understand exercises to practice at home with instructions that are easy to follow.
  • This method has been practiced by many professional singers and teachers in New York and the east coast for over 40 years.
    This is the first time it is offered on the west coast.
  • Stage Presence & Charisma.
  • We constantly evaluate your posture, your stage technique, your microphone technique and give you specific advice and exercise to overcome nervousness or self-consciousness as a performer.
    There are psychological tricks and techniques we teach to help you become a very confident vocalist.