The Top 15 Chorus Pedals

  1. Digitech Xmc Multi Chorus Digital Multi Voice Chorus Pedal

  2. Dls Chorus Waves Chorus Pedal

  3. Tc Electronic Corona Chorus Toneprint Series Guitar Effects Pedal

  4. Electro-Harmonix Classics Small Cl1 Analog Chorus

  5. Boss Ceb-3 Bass Chorus

  6. Rocktron Dreamstar Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal

  7. Mxr Zw38 Zakk Wylde Black Label Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal

  8. Digitech Cf7 Chorus Factory Guitar Effects Pedal

  9. Fulltone Mini Dejavibe Stereo Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal Cream

  10. Mxr M148 Micro Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal

  11. Radial Engineering Tonebone Vienna Analog Chorus Pedal

  12. Carl Martin Chorus Xii Pedal

  13. T-Rex Engineering Twister 2 Stereo Chorus & Flanger

  14. Electro-Harmonix Xo Stereo Electric Mistress Flanger / Chorus

  15. Tc Electronic Stereo Chorus Flanger

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