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Vreny was born and raised in Belgium in the 70s and 80s. He grew up listening to The Beatles, The Bee …
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OBJECTIVES: Offer my broad and versatile musical training and expertise in guitar, engineering, production, …
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1. "On another note, I wanted to tell you what an incredible person you are. Your patience and enthusiasm …
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Testimonials: here’s what Vreny’s students say about him

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  1. "You are THE BEST"

    (Sarai Givaty, Israelian top model and TV personality)

  2. "Hey! Just letting you know, I really enjoyed yesterday’s lesson! I am definitely inspired. I had tried to take lessons before, but the three teachers I tried to work with took everything way too slow… it bored the hell out of me! So, thank you for not being boring!."

    (Emii, singer-songwriter/performer)

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  3. "Thanks so much for the great lesson last week. I have never enjoyed practicing an instrument so much!"

    (Annabeth Bondor-Stone, Theater Actress)

  4. "I’ve never met an instructor of any discipline so enthusiastic about your improvement. Two things are different about my experience with Vreny vs other instructors. First, he realizes everyone is different. He knows so many ways of explaining the same thing and will try different approaches until the light bulb turns on in your head. It’s unbelievably rewarding when it does. Secondly, he always has your goals in mind and structures lessons to suite your individual needs. He is truly a master teacher as shown by his VIP clientele and the rest of us who receive the same VIP treatment."

    (Christina Adia Wang, film and special effects expert)

  5. "Cela and I feel just as blessed to have met you. I have told all my friends about you. You are truly The BEST music teacher I have ever had. This includes college professors. You are really making a difference in both of our lives. I finally feel like I will accomplish the musical goals that I always struggled with before. I know, with your help, that I can understand music on the deeper level that I have always wanted to."

    (David Crocco, multi-instrumentalist in Icky’s Ego)

  6. "Vreny is an excellent guitar teacher.I’ve personally studied with several guitar teachers (some quite good) over the last 10 years and Vreny has been the very best. His teaching is very comprehensive covering all aspects of technique, theory and style. This includes rhythmic concepts, fretboard knowledge, harmony, mechanics, etc. No stone is left uncovered. He is extremely positive and encouraging to his students. Any guitarist, at any level, would benefit from studying with Vreny."

    (David Park, jazz rock, fusion, Christian Rock guitarist)

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  7. "Vreny is the BEST guitar teacher in the business. He’s not only an amazingly skilled and versatile musician (he can teach you ANY style), he’s also the most enthusiastic and positive person you’ll ever meet. He’s also a full-time instructor and recording artist, working all the time in the business. He could easily charge a LOT more than he does.

    He’s taught a ton of students who started from nothing and who now have albums. And he’s also great with people like me, a super busy person who takes lessons recreationally. I see steady improvement with every lesson."

    (Lila French, actress, genius computer engineer)

  8. "I really appreciate how easy-going and flexible you are…and you’re a wonderful teacher!"

    (Joy Osmanski, professional actress)

  9. "Vreny Van Elslande is one of the top guitar instructors to be found outside of Europe. His knowledge of guitar and music composition is extensive.

 He went to a conservatory in Europe, and then Berklee School of Music in Boston, with a double major. Vreny is not only a gifted musician and composer, he is also a gifted teacher. I feel blessed to have been able to study with him! 

Not only did I go from a beginning guitar player to an advanced level within two years, Vreny also helped me compose the songs in my head, which are now up for Grammy consideration.

 Great teacher. Great person. I cannot speak highly enough of his expertise and work ethic."

    (Angela Leo, top singer songwriter)

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  10. "Like the others have said, Vreny is the best guitar instructor that I have had. His knowledge is remarkable, and most importantly he knows how to convey it. I’ve had teachers who were incredible players, but they didn’t know how to teach. That is what sets Vreny apart from the others. 

No matter what your style or skill level, Vreny is totally capable of personalizing a lesson that is just right for you.
 Whether you have time to practice for hours a day, or just minutes a day, Vreny is able to target your goals and make sure you advance as a player, and always keep it a positive experience."

    (Daniel Cleland, guitarist/composer in The Soundabout)

  11. "Vreny is a terrific guy and a great teacher. I’d played a long time, taken many classes, but a lot of the guitar was still very unknown to me. He has ways to help you with that, and ways to help you learn to play in all styles – because he himself is talented, focused, and able to play in all styles. A very nice guy with, good sense of humor. The highlight of my week is the guitar lesson. And now, he has a terrific website – – where he not only shares music and info about his own career – but also promotes his students, who are off doing very interesting things. I highly recommend studying with Vreny."

    (Phil Gibbs, acoustic jazz guitarist)

  12. "IVreny is without a doubt the finest guitar instructor from whom I have ever had the pleasure of studying. His resume speaks to how learned he is while his work ethic and rehearsal schedule explain much of his mastery – saying nothing of Vreny’s immense natural talent.

    Vreny’s teaching style is uniquely his own. It is one that he’s spent years creating and that is based not only in theory and method but in science and intuition as well.

    I’ve known Vreny for over six years and have studied with him for more than three. There is a reason why Vreny is booked up all the time. Whenever I go to a lesson I come out feeling charged and elated – no matter how I’ve felt coming in. It’s just that he is so positive and his method of teaching so empowering on the guitar and in life in general that you come out feeling like you can do anything. And with Vreny as your teacher along with regular practice…you can!"

    (Andy Cogan, manager)

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  13. "Vreny is a very Thorough guitar teacher. You will learn The theory of guitar from a master. His lessons are progressive, I felt like I was moving forward and not wasting time or money.
    I recommend Vreny for the serious student. Also, he has a great ear for good song progression, so if you want help with your songwriting he is great for that. "

    (Nadine El Khoury, movie director and middle eastern vocalist)

  14. "I’ve been studying with Vreny for more than 5 yrs. His credentials are second to none.
    He emphasizes feel in music and awareness in players. He will add spice to your playing with exotic chords and scales, and help you build a foundation of phrasing and expression.

    He’s taught me Bach, ragtime and Chuck Berry, and introduced me (figuratively) to Ted Greene."

    (Alex Smith, scientist/chemist with a fondness of intricate harmony)

  15. "Ive been searching for a guitar instructor that has a system that will make me improve as fast as I put in my effort and Vreny’s system is perfect for me! He doesn’t waste time and he challenges you and will help you grow as fast as you want to. 
Try him out for one lesson and you’ll see very recommended"

    (David Waddleton, professional actor and busker)

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  16. "Vreny is the best guitar teacher I’ve ever worked with. He’s consistently challenging me to become the best guitar player I can – at the same time, he’s incredibly patient. And each week, his priority is making sure that I have fun during my lessons!

    Before finding Vreny, I knew how to play a few chords and songs. But Vreny taught me to understand the guitar as an instrument so that I could develop my skills much more quickly. His approach is unique, and INCREDIBLY effective. His lessons are very well-structured – Vreny presents them in a way that makes them easy to understand, and easy to practice at home.

    Vreny has taught me practical guitar-playing skills, as well as music theory – and all of this knowledge has helped me tremendously both in terms of improving my guitar skills and writing my own music. And while Vreny always has plenty to teach me, he also encourages me to tell him what I want to learn and practice each lesson. As I said, he wants his students to have fun!

    I have taken lessons with other instructors – and Vreny is hands-down the best instructor I have ever had. In addition to being a fantastic teacher, he’s also a wonderful guy! I look forward to seeing him each week because I know he’ll be smiling and excited to play the guitar.

    In short, I can’t recommend Vreny highly enough! Teachers like Vreny are incredibly rare – and I am thrilled to be one of his students."

    (Emily Halpern, professional writer for TV shows and films)

  17. "I’ve had the privilege of learning from vreny for close to 6 months. 2 words- fan-tastic! alright it’s only 1 word but still. the thing with vreny is that he is immensely patient and an incredibly talented guitar player. I’ve learned some pretty complicated stuff from him and even some Bollywood stuff, which he had no problem with. oh did I mention that he has a terrific ear. he knows instantly what’s going on. he also gives out great tip sheets, things I can work on, and much more. if you’re a beginner, have been playing for a few years (like me), or even longer, you’re bound to learn something from him. good luck in your search."

    (Madhu Kalyanaraman, Copywriter)

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  18. "This guy will motivate and inspire works that would not have been possible by one-self. I’ve trusted in him, and have been amazed by the progress made with the Guitar in only 3+ years… 

Thanks Vreny!"

    (Chris Chiu, rock guitarist and violinist)

  19. "Vreny is simply the best guitar teacher I have ever taken.
    I have been taking Vreny’s class for about 3 years now and I am always learning.
    What sets Vreny apart is this:

    -he knows how to teach and how to learn
    -his methodology is based in cognitive research and how the brain works as much as anything else
    -he has a great ear
    -he went to Berklee
    -his method is a very structured way to learn music, not just playing the instrument but learn music.

    (Nigel Olympia, designer, programmer and world traveler)

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  20. "Vreny is an excellent teacher and I’m so glad I found him! He creates a learning environment that challenges you but also supports you so that you feel encouraged while you are learning new concepts and techniques. I’m a beginner and I thought it might make more sense to take a guitar class with other students. I’m so glad I decided to go with private instruction because I am making progress much faster than I would have in a learning environment where some students pick up things faster and others slower. He has a great vibe and even though he is an incredible guitar player himself, he doesn’t make you feel self-conscious about your level of playing. I definitely recommend you give yourself the gift of Vreny!"

    (Lisa Steele, manager)

  21. "Vreny rocks! Not only is he an amazing musician, but he is also an excellent teacher. He is extremely effective, organized and patient. He will guide you to your goal no matter what level of player you are. I went to him as an absolute beginner, and he has always been nothing but helpful and encouraging. He’s also not the typical flaky musician. When I was first looking for an instructor, I initially contacted about 8 different teachers. Vreny definitely stood out in his professionalism. Several of the others didn’t even get back to me until weeks later. By that time, I was happily taking lessons with Vreny. He’s not the guy who is gonna cancel or forget about your appointment because he’s hungover or playing a last-minute gig. I think the main difference is that many other teachers give lessons out of necessity to pay the rent, whereas Vreny has many other projects but is also very committed to his lessons because he truly enjoys teaching. His passion is inspirational, and I always leave my lessons with a renewed excitement about my playing. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone."

    (Sarah Schwab, acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese medicine doctor)

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  22. "Vreny is more than a kick-ass guitar teacher— he’s a freakin’ saint for putting up with my sorry ass. 

I’ve been wanting to get really good at the guitar for a long time. It’s one of the few instruments that has always eluded me (I guess because it requires actual practice for mastery), and that I’ve never been able to get past plunking a few chords out on (because I have no time– and, ok, I’ll admit it– not much of a desire– to practice). 

I found Vreny through some quirk of fate, and even though he’s alllll the way out in Hollywood, I decided to write to him and see if he could take another student. Fortunately for me, he could. I worked out a trade with him– I did training and massage on him, and he gave me guitar lessons.

    He was patient with me (and trust me, teaching me guitar requires A LOT OF PATIENCE), customized the lessons based on how I learn, and gave me stuff I enjoyed playing. Despite my lack of practicing, I was actually progressing. Shocker!! After a while, I started taking 2 lessons a week because I wanted to progress faster (and because Vreny is just that cool). I have to say, I did pretty well. It almost made me want to practice more. 

Unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t allow me to take guitar lessons anymore at the moment. But if I ever get the time again, Vreny is my man. If anyone can get me to be the next female Yngvie Malmsteen, it’s Vreny. He’s the bomb-diggity."

    (Melody Schoenfeld, Private trainer and massage expert)

  23. "What can I say about Vreny, he’s “brilliant”.
    Music is his life. You can see when someone really has so much passion for what they a spark.He really wants you to learn. His music & teaching are genius. He listens to his students which is the most important key to taking a guitar lesson or any lesson, allowing the student to put their own input into things & work together on it from there.

    I’ve been lucky with the instructors I’ve had in Ireland, LA & New York. Vreny stands out though. He was an inspiration to me & has become one of my greatest friends. LA is a tough place & freakin lonely: playing guitar & taking the lessons while living there was great for me. I became good & it made me feel great :o)
    You’re a legend Vreny plus one of your students is now in a kickass Irish band now doing incredible: ‘The Script’. lol, FANTASTIC."

    (Aisling Quinn, concert and event promoter in Sligo, Ireland)

  24. "Vreny is the best guitar teacher. He is so friendly and makes you feel very comfortable, which is so important. His teaching method is so efficient and will have you rocking out on solos in no time. He packs as much into one lesson as possible, so you really get your money’s worth. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a genius guitar player with years of schooling and experience. He has obviously spent a lot of time crafting the way he teaches, and has been influenced by all the teachers and professors he’s had over the years. He’s an over-achiever and after each lesson you are inspired to be one as well!"

    (Alexa George, singer songwriter)

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  25. "I have been taking lessons from Vreny for more than 7 years and he has been a wonderful teacher. When my schedule gets too demanding to practice he wont get on my back and stress me out as much as other teachers, but more importantly each lesson is well thought-out and I feel as though I learn something new every time.

    What helps me the most is his welcoming attitude during each lesson. I am not afraid to challenge myself and make mistakes as I used to be with other teachers.

    I highly recommend Vreny!"

    (David Cohen, Engineering student)

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  26. "Vreny is the best guitar teacher that I have ever had. I have been playing guitar for the past 17 years. I have been a student with Vreny for almost 3 years. And I must say, that I have probably learned more and progressed faster than I did in the first 10 years of my playing under his tutelage. He challenges you every second of every lesson to get better.

    He also shows you HOW to get better and that is something that was lacking from a lot of my previous teachers. They challenged you but didn’t necessarily show you how to get better. He does. 

The lessons are fun and exciting and well thought out with no time being wasted. He wants you to get your money’s worth. The minute you walk in the door, he is ready to go. Most times I am his last student of the day and he is as on it and as fresh as if I was his first. 

    Lastly, I am the guitar player in a local Los Angeles band called Ninefinger. Check out our music at or Ninefinger on Myspace. I am the guitar player I am today because of my hard work and practice and from taking lessons from Vreny. Even my bandmates have noticed my improvements since I started taking lessons from him. 

If you want to get better and improve as a guitar player then Vreny is your man. Not only is he an amazing guitar player, but he is also an amazing guy. He is someone you want to hang out with outside of your lessons. Not only is he my teacher but he has become a great friend. Don’t miss out."

    (Joshua Picard, guitarist in the band Ninefinger)

  27. "Vreny is not only a great guitarist, he is a great teacher. His carefree and fun personality is mixed with an efficient and structured lesson plan. It is what makes learning with Vreny so valuable. 

One crucial tool Vreny has helped me acquire is fretboard knowledge. In the past, identifying notes on a guitar was overwhelming for me. After my first lesson with Vreny, I learned the fasola system, and I was able to identify the 72 notes in the first twelve frets. It took about a week. Although I could work on my speed, it wasn’t like I was spending hours every day.

 How? He showed me a new perspective and taught me how to practice efficiently. The art of teaching is the ability to illustrate in a panoramic light.

 Overall, Vreny and his lessons are excellent. He teaches concepts applicably, efficiently, and digestibly."

    (Tom Park, student)

  28. "What everyone before me has said is true, Vreny is both a great guitarist and an excellent teacher. Having studied guitar with Vreny for so long there is a laundry list of reasons I could provide on why he is such an effective teacher and why he is worth every penny I have spent on lessons.

    But the reason that sticks out the most to me is that in any given lesson there is such a seamless flow from one topic to the next. I could begin with Brazilian rhythms and then segue into some blues soloing and end with some heavy metal riffs. Because Vreny has such an encyclopedic knowledge of music, any interest that I have in any genre or technique he has the ability to teach me. As a result no lesson is ever dull. That’s the only reason to ever take up the guitar because it is fun. After all this time with Vreny, it is still fun."

    (Joshua Phillips, law professor)

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  29. "I found Vreny through Craigslist of all places, around 2 years ago. Since then, I’ve discovered that he’s one of LA’s most valuable “secrets”.
 His approach to teaching is like nothing I’ve seen before (we’re awaiting the book he’s writing!). Being a very right-brained person, I was never able to understand music theory, because I found it mathematical and intimidating. But Vreny incorporates the theory into the practice in a really seamless way that is practical, interesting, and inspiring.

    His lessons move at a rapid pace to give you the most value for your dollar, but he’s extremely patient and has no problem going back over the same information until you’re confident that you get it. Now he’s teaching me a guitar in general, and also helping me find more ease and musicality with my own songs that I’m playing with my band.
 Besides being a great teacher, he’s really an outstanding person who I highly recommend having in your creative life!"

    (Cela Scott, guitarist/vocalist in Icky’s Ego)

  30. "Vreny is a great instructor. I never played guitar before prior to my lessons with him. His teaching method allows you to learn the guitar quickly and effectively and he tailors his lessons to your goals. Vreny is outgoing/friendly and it his lessons are really enjoyable. Also, his guitar knowledge is amazing! I am privileged to have learned from the best."

    (Michael Hur, computer engineer)

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  31. "I was a complete beginner when I started with Vreny– couldn’t read music, had pretty much never picked up a guitar before. When I asked him for advice on which guitar to buy, he actually went shopping with me. He is infinitely patient, very encouraging, and really knows how to help you make progress quickly. A great teacher and a great guy!"

    (Leigh Benson, vocalist in Captain Automatic)

  32. "Vreny is an amazing teacher! He is well rounded in almost all facets of music and can tailor training to meet your needs. I am VERY picky and he is excellent! He has classical training and also practical experience in various types of music (jazz, rock, classical, etc.) If you want to concentrate on specific riffs and solos in songs…he does it! He can demonstrate or write musical ideas. Bring in a CD of your favorite song and he’ll figure it out and give you steps and pointers to help you play it!….even the hard solos! He can teach effects! He can teach musical composition! He also does recording and production aspects as well.
    He can do it all and he sees the big picture. Thanks V! =)"

    (Rick Patrick, aviation engineer)

  33. "This guy Vreny is amazing.
    Whether you want to learn guitar or need help with songwriting or production, Vreny is one of the most skilled musicians out there and also very fun and easy to work with.

    Vreny did an incredible job of helping me with songwriting as well as studio guitars. He can sound like Brian May, Jimi Hendrix, or David Gilmour – whatever you are looking for. He is technically a genius and a nice person to work with.
    I highly recommend Vreny to anyone."

    (Cliff Tang, marketing guru, keyboardist The Knockarounds)

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  34. "I’ve worked with a couple of different guitar instructors but I enjoy working with Vreny most of all.

    What’s great about Vreny’s style of teaching is that he spends time getting to know a student’s musical interests and based on that, structures a lesson plan. Often with guitar instructors (unless you attend music school), there is rarely an organized, methodical plan available. It’s a lot less structured. Vreny on the other hand, has a plan. I’ve found this to be tremendously useful and it’s helped me become a better guitar player.

    Vreny is also an exceptional guitar player adept at many different styles. He is very focused, infinitely patient, and ready to do what it takes to help students progress. Needless to say his overall credentials are impeccable."

    (Ram Nayar, director/movie producer)

  35. "I’m glad I chose Monday as the day I have my weekly guitar lesson with Vreny as the anticipation of it completely dispels the Monday morning blues. I found Vreny pretty much by random chance and am very glad I did. I wanted to write something here to make it less random for others.

    First, he’s a superb guitar player and 100% positive and enthusiastic. While I’m there his full concentration is on me and helping me improve. It’s as if that’s his only mission in life. He keeps you at your edge so you’re always learning and developing. He strikes a great balance between what you want to do and what he thinks would help you become a better player.

    Vreny comes across not as a guitar player that teaches in his spare time, but as a professional teacher. He plainly cares about how he teaches and has put a lot of thought and effort in how to get the best results for his students.

    I wholeheartedly recommend you give Vreny a try. You won’t be disappointed."

    (Malcolm Axon, accountant and financial advisor)

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  36. "I began to write songs recently, but lacked the skill to play them well or develop them musically. Vreny opened new doors for me musically while helping me develop my playing skill– now my songs sound fantastic, and I owe it all to Vreny. His enthusiasm for music is infectious, and he is able to teach and expand on virtually any interest or style I have expressed interest in, from rock to folk to reggae to gypsy swing. He even made the previously daunting area of music theory accessible and exciting. He is a very professional, caring, and thoughtful teacher, as well as an exceptional human being. I count myself lucky to be among his students."

    (Susan Miller, speech and language expert)

  37. "There are a couple of reasons why I would recommend Vreny as an instructor (to both amateur or advanced+ guitarists). To begin with, he is very open to what you are interested in studying, giving you a mix of material that helps you remain interested as well as technical tools that help you advance your ability to execute those interests. He is also very skilled in his ability to describe concepts (as he should be with over a decade of education) and is capable of approaching the same thing from different angles if you’re confused. For me, I was very intent on becoming more familiar with my fretboard….Vreny has an excess of various exercises that will help achieve this so that you can “play anything anywhere,” so to speak. I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to study with him, if not for his wealth of information at least for his enthusiasm for music….it’s very motivating. (he’s also sensitive to the value of lessons if you buy in bulk…big plus)"

    (Alex Cannon, music student in Texas University)

  38. "Thanks Vreny. I am really enjoying your instruction. Its been really hard to find a good teacher that fits my style of learning and you do an amazing job! And you will make me into a great guitarist."

    (David Mate, professional actor)

  39. "On another note, I wanted to tell you what an incredible person you areYour patience and enthusiasm shine through in everything you touch and have made you the guitar/music god that you are.  I’m certain that all of your other students feel the same.  Thanks so much for putting up with my stubborn self and for your gentle guiding and nudging, it means a lot to me."

    (Stuart Allen, plays guitar as a hobby and to release work stress)

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  40. "You are an awesome teacher. You never quit".

    (Josh Picard, guitarist in the band Ninefinger)

  41. "I think you’re a great guy, Vreny.  You’re very inspirational to me – even if I’m still having trouble getting my shit together.  Your lessons help me stay positive and keep my focus."

    (Andy Cogan, manager, plays in a band)

  42. "I don’t just think of you as my guitar-teacher, but more as my guitar-sensei. You’re like a karate sensei: I leave your lesson with more inner peace and renewed energy, but with a couple of bruises."

    (Joe Adams, technical manager/coordinator at AOL)

  43. "Vreny is amazing. Initially, he was my guitar teacher. During this period he completely revamped his entire teaching strategy to meet my individual needs and make the experience fun, interesting, and productive for me. This may sound like “what most teachers are supposed to do”, but let’s be honest, how many of them actually do it?? And do it well?!? Vreny did it. Prior to him I’d had 4 or 5 teachers… Vreny is the only one who made a difference. Vreny is the only one who inspired me. Vreny is the only one I can write a recommendation for, and truly wish the dictionary had more kind words so I could jam them all in. He made me feel like I could accomplish anything, and with his help, completed full-length songs and understand “who I am” as an artist, this is something I could NEVER do before! Vreny was patient, yet challenged me, and there is no gift in the world greater than self-belief… this is what helped me uncover. I definitely recommend Vreny. He’s the man. Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity"

    (Leah King, a top class vocalist/songwriter, daughter of one of The Commodores)

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  44. "Vreny is the man! I never learned how to play an instrument as a kid. Now as a middle-aged kid I decided it was time to learn. I came to Vreny with zero knowledge of how to play guitar. In a very short time he has taught me an incredible amount. I feel very comfortable with the guitar, love playing, and wish I had discovered the joy of playing years ago. Vreny is patient and seems to have an innate ability to teach any student at THEIR level without intimidation or pressure. He’s a great guy and a great teacher. Thanks, Vreny."

    (Dirk Foster, marketing/business man)

  45. "Vreny is the greatest guitar player and teacher in the history of the universe. I have no musical talent and he has been nothing but patient and awesome. He has been my teacher for over 3 years and I would NEVER go to another guitar teacher. he is a true zen master AND he has a great Belgian accent which makes lessons entertaining. haha."

    (Lauren Clark, way too humble recording and touring artist in Rocket)

  46. " I can’t believe how much I’ve learned since I first came to you for guitar lessons 4 years ago…I feel like I’ve progressed light years from where I started."

    (Aron Gibson, guitarist/vocalist The Swagger Sticks)

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