Vreny’s 25th Teaching Anniversary – The Limited VIP Package for Bing – Save $576 – I’ll Donate $5000 if 30 People Get Into The Program.

The 25th Anniversary Exclusive VIP Guitar Program!

I’m celebrating 25 years of teaching thousands of students.

I’m only letting 30 people into this guitar program.
This is a 1-time, crazy discount deal on guitar lessons, and it closes after the 30th person signed up or by the 15th of October!

Become an impressive guitarist while helping the lesser fortunate in our community,
and save over $570!

IMPORTANT: As soon as 30 people are in

1) This VIP Guitar Lesson Program closes.
2) This deal expires.
3) I will donate $5000 to a cause or charity in LA.
4) Video record it when I hand the check so you can share in the joy.

  • 21 Lessons = $1575 $999
    (You SAVE $576)

You can spread the payments if you’d like.
  • $510 now
    (499 next month)

  • $399 now
    (311 next 2 months)

Email me at [email protected] or call 310-902-0993 if you have any questions or would love to chat. 🙂

(I only accept people who are ultra motivated: no refunds if you decide to discontinue before completion of program. Great news though: Your lessons never expire. )