25th Teaching Anniversary – The Limited VIP Package – I’ll Donate $5000 In YOUR Name.

The 25th Anniversary Exclusive VIP Guitar Program!

This deal closes after the 30th person signed up!

Double Win: Become an impressive guitarist while helping the lesser fortunate in our community!

  • 21 Lessons = $1575 $999
    (You SAVE $576)

You can spread the payments if you’d like (no extra charge)
  • $500 now
    (499 next month)

  • $399 now
    (2 x 300 next 2 months)

Email me at vreny@zotzinmusic.com or call 310-902-0993 if you have any questions or would love to chat. 🙂

(I only accept people who are ultra motivated: no refunds if you decide to discontinue before completion of program. Great news though: Your lessons never expire. )