Peter Petro Vocal Lessons

For those of you wanting to develop your singing skills for songwriting, performing, or just for fun, I have a unique opportunity to share.

My good friend and colleague Peter Petro is an incredible voice teacher, beyond having a background as a professional pianist and drummer, scoring films and mentoring music producers and artists through a program he helped build with the legendary Westlake Studios.

His vocal lessons are 150/hour and the first lesson with new students is an in-depth diagnostic. During March he’s offered to make his initial diagnostic available at half off ($75) exclusively for my guitar students who want to incorporate singing with their guitar playing in 2022.

The diagnostic includes custom-made recorded exercises addressing the particular goals or challenges you have that will improve your voice for months if you do them every day as given. So you’ll sing better even if you only take one lesson.

Whether you’re an experienced professional vocalist or a total newbie to singing, Pete can help you tremendously. He brings a wealth of experience and insight across many musical styles and is familiar with how the industry works.

Like me, he has a deep love for teaching and empowering people to experience the joy of music more fully in their lives. Working with him to sing with greater freedom, expression, and power will definitely make your guitar playing and songwriting more fun!

If you want to book a half-price diagnostic through March or have questions for Peter, you can reach him directly at 310.430.5096 or


If you want to hear an inspiring “before & after”, here’s what one of Peter’s current students sang last month before starting lessons, looking to improve his upper range


This is how he sounded in the exact same range after only 3 lessons: