Some of the Guitar & Music Things You Can Learn With Vreny

You Will Get

A thorough guitar and music training in a relaxed, comfortable, air-conditioned, and air-purified teaching studio, from a very patient, easy-going, friendly, fun, guitar/music teacher who knows what he is doing, and who is passionate about music, teaching, and sharing knowledge.

A Broad Lesson Overview

I teach acoustic, electric, and classical guitar, bass, and every possible string instrument.

Lessons are customized to what it is you would like to learn on guitar.
Not everybody has the same goals, dreams, or ambitions, and we work on whatever it is we would like to work on.

There are many ways to becoming a superb guitar player: there is no particular wrong or right or better way.
All ways are equally valuable, and eventually, all lead to the same mastery.

The following list gives some idea of the vast possibilities offered in my guitar instruction.
I organized the list by level, but many of the topics are not specific to a certain playing level. As an example: you don’t have to be advanced to learn walking bass, and you could learn slide guitar at any level, etc.


  1. Beginner chords.
  2. Strumming and Simple Rhythms.
  3. I guarantee you will be able to play at least 5 songs after your very first lesson, even if you never touched a guitar before.


  1. learning all your favorite tunes in no time
  2. ear training,
  3. improve your sight-reading,
  4. finger picking techniques,
  5. triads in all 12 keys on all stringsets,
  6. improvisation in jazz, blues and rock idioms,
  7. electronics and equipment,
  8. slide guitar,
  9. all 7 modes and their fingerings,
  10. classical guitar performance and technique,
  11. Blues accompaniment styles, blues rhythm playing and improv techniques,
  12. all about rhythm: from swing, to Texas blues rhythm technique, to reggae, to funk techniques, to advanced polyrhythms,
  13. squealing harmonics, tap harmonics, and all that fun stuff
  14. tensions,
  15. style and genre studies (blues, reggae, ska, metal, hard rock, rock, fusion, jazz, folk, classical, etc.,
  16. ways for singer song writers to enhance your songs by improving your guitar playing,
  17. recording and production,
  18. Guitarist psychology: how to find your own sound, how to overcome stage fright, how to achieve stage presence and charisma,
  19. Learning guitar solos from the masters or your favorite bands.


  1. advanced harmony and harmonic substitutions,
  2. 7-finger tapping,
  3. drop 2, drop 3, drop 2 & 3, drop 2 & 4 voicings in all keys on all stringsets,
  4. walking bass lines accompaniment on guitar,
  5. impressive speed picking and sweep picking techniques,
  6. crazy whammy bar techniques
  7. how to apply four-part choral writing and the study of classical composition (traditional harmony) through voice-leading concepts on guitar,
  8. jazz comping,
  9. melodic and harmonic minor and their modes, whole tone and diminished scales, etc.
  10. composition and arranging applied on the guitar,
  11. advanced improvisation techniques and concepts,
  12. pentatonic substitution,
  13. advanced harmonic concepts and reharm,
  14. Learning songs and solos from the masters: Satriani, Vai, Steve Morse, Pat Metheny, Dream Theater, etc. or whatever songs you want to learn

The list goes on; there is no limit to the things you can learn about music and guitar under my teaching.
All Styles & Genres.

All musical styles: from classical to pop, rock, punk, funk, blues, hard rock, metal, fusion, world-ethnic, to jazz.

My students can bring in anything or any song they would like to learn in any style of music.
I have a huge library of guitar transcriptions in my studio.

If I don’t have the book or chart, it takes me less than a minute to find the accurate GuitarTabPro transcription to any song. If no transcription of the song you want to learn can be found, it takes me on average about 4-5 minutes the most to figure out guitar parts to entire songs note for note.

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