The Lesson Experience

We Offer The Most Rewarding Guitar Lesson Experience


If you are new to guitar, you are about to discover an unbelievably fun and rewarding journey. If you are anywhere from beginner, intermediate to highly advanced: you will find renewed joy and satisfaction with guitar and enrich your musical journey, as you will discover many new sounds, textures, and colors, techniques, and possibilities.

Why You Will Love the Lessons.

  • 1.  Proven Results:
  • You will see yourself progress much more quickly and effectively than you had expected.
  • A focus on “smart learning”: you will practice short drills, never long exercises.
  • 2.  Quality:
  • I offer a strongly developed and structured teaching plan designed to maximize your talent and progress.
  • I also provide:
    • A song library with over 44,000 songs in any genre.
    • A music library with hundreds of books.
    • An extensive sheet music library and access to sheet music of any song you can think off in any style.
  • My students love that I am hyper prepared and organized.
  • Support: you can contact me anytime with questions. I always respond to my students asap.
  • 3.  Fun:
  • I am known to be a friendly, very patient, caring, relaxed yet driven and inspiring teacher with a great sense of humor.
  • My students love practicing because I give them short, efficient drills and exercises.
  • My students enjoy a more profound sense of achievement because they learn and accomplish more with lesser pressure and in lesser time.

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