ClickBank Pitch Page

A detailed description of the product.

The cost of the product.

For recurring billing products, be sure to clearly state all the details of the rebill schedule, including the number of times a customer is billed, and how frequently they will be billed. For example, you should say, “Your initial charge will be $19.95. You will then be charged $9.95 per month for the next 11 months.”

The file format of your product, as well as any particular software or operating system required to use it (e.g., Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, etc.).

If your product is only useful to customers in a particular geographic region or country, be sure to say so.

How the product will be delivered (e.g., direct download, via email, etc.).

How long delivery will take (e.g., immediate, 5 minutes, etc.).

For recurring billing products, explain how the product will be delivered, and how often. For example, if you sold a monthly newsletter, you could say that it will be delivered by email on the 1st of each month.

Customers must be able to reach you if they have a question about your product prior to purchase. Please include an email address, a link to your email address, or a contact us link on your Pitch Page.

To ensure your use of a ClickBank trademark does not mislead consumers as to any sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement by ClickBank of your company, products, or services, you will need to add a javascript footer code to your Pitch Page(s) and Thank You Page(s). For more information on how to add this to your website, please visit our Required Disclaimers article.

If your Pitch Page contains a video that is over 15 minutes long, you will need to provide a script for your video. This script will help our Business Services team review your submission with a quicker turnaround time.

It is best to submit that script prior to video creation in case of edits to your video must be made. You can submit your script by sending an email to For more information on our Vendor Promotional Guidelines, please click here.

2. Make a Payment Link

When a customer is on your Pitch Page and ready to buy your product, you need to provide them with a payment link that sends them to the ClickBank order form, where they can enter their payment information and complete the transaction. Once the payment is approved, the customer is taken to a page hosted by ClickBank that confirms their order by providing them with a unique receipt number. Customers are then prompted to click a final link that takes them from this confirmation page to your Thank You Page, where you provide them with the information detailed above. You’ll need to manually create the payment link to send customers to the order form, and then insert this payment link in HTML code on your Pitch Page. Put the HTML code for your payment link in the following format:
Here is a sample of what the HTML code would look like: CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE You must customize this HTML code to link to the order form for your specific product:
Replace ITEM with the item number of the product for sale. As you set up products to sell in your ClickBank account, each product will be assigned a unique number: 1, 2, 3, etc. If you are setting up your first product, the item number is 1.
Replace VENDOR with your ClickBank account nickname.
If you want, you can replace CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE with any text you prefer, or if you are familiar with HTML you can insert code to make the payment link an image.