Amazing Slow Downer (old)

I have been using Amazing Slow Downer for many years now, as both a music student in the past AND a guitar teacher today.

This is absolutely THE very best software out there to slow down songs and learn songs more effortlessly.

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  1. ASD slows down the speed of the music – between -50% and +400% time-stretching – without changing the pitch.
  2. Is the guitar tuned down in the song you want to learn? No problem! Use ASD and change the pitch in semi-tones (half steps)- independent from the speed.
  3. Does the song you want to learn sound out of tune? With Amazing Slow Downer, you can adjust the pitch in cents (100ths of a semi-tone) and tune the song up to your instrument. AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell” for example, is a real pain to learn or play along with? The recording is 48 cents flat in relationship to A440Hz. Learning that song is a breeze when you have ASD: Now you can just tune the song to your guitar and you’ll be rocking out in no time.
  4. But here’s where ASD REALLY shines: It does all this in real-time! You can just insert the CD in your computer and press the play button, and slow down songs or change the pitch/key in real-time from a CD! No other software does it THAT well. It also slows down MP3, AIFF and wave files on your computer in real-time.
  5. And oh.. did I already mention how super easy ASD is to use? If you have a song on your computer you want to learn: simply drag and drop the song title out of your iTunes onto the Amazing Slow Downer window, and the song is in your ASD to be slowed down at will.
  6. To speed up your progress learning guitar solos or intricate parts, you can set up loops. ASD let’s you set cue points so you can repetitively loop a passage you’re trying to learn.
  7. It even has a very effective EQ section that enables you to boost the volume of guitar parts that are buried in the mix. And to top it all off: the sound quality is excellent even at ridiculously slowed down tempos.


For real:

ASD will make your practice time much easier, much more fun, and much more productive and efficient.

It WILL make you learn new songs and guitar parts much more quickly and much more effortlessly.

Buy Amazing Slowdowner for Mac or PC Here

Here’s a quick tutorial showcasing Amazing Slowdowner’s features.