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Why Join?

Now you can make money with ZOT Zin Music, the top guitar school in Los Angeles! We teach guitar students of all levels starting at age 15. Join the ZOT Zin Music Affiliate Program today and start earning commissions. We offer a competitive commission percentage of 10%.

Cookie Duration
You get up to 2 weeks after referral to earn a commission.

Partner with ZOT Zin Music, up and coming provider of music education and recording services
You can offer a simple link (which we’ll provide) to ZOTZinGuitarLessons.com in your emails or on your site, and we’ll do all the work! Your customers will get the best service, the best education, and prices available in top private music education today. You can have peace of mind in knowing that we will take care of your customers. They will enjoy the same great service, customized lesson plans, and customer support that we give every student.

No Limits
From $60 single lessons to $1,800 package deals, you’ll collect advertising fees on every order – with no ceiling on how high your checks can be! New products and package deals will be added in the near future.

Joining is free and easy
A third party monitors your sales and pays out your commissions once they exceed $25. There’s never any cost to you for being a ZOT Zin Music affiliate. Your participation is 100% risk-free! Visit our Affiliate FAQ page for more information. If you have other questions, please email sales@zotzinmusic.com.

Get Started Today
Just follow these simple steps:
1. Read the Service Agreement and Affiliate FAQ.
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4. Sit back and watch the referral checks roll in!




Welcome to the ZOT Zin Music Affiliate Program!

Affiliate Links and Banners

Your affiliate URL is: [affiliates_url]. You may attach “?affiliates=[affiliates_id]” to the end of any URL on the ZOT Zin Guitar Lessons site to create affiliate links and banners within your web site.

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Link to Home page[affiliates_affiliate_link content=”ZOT Zin Guitar Lessons — Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Webcam Lessons and more!” /] 
Link to Tuition page [affiliates_affiliate_link url=”https://www.zotzinguitarlessons.com/tuition/” content=”ZOT Zin Guitar Lessons — Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Webcam Lessons and more!” /] 
Banner link to Home page [affiliates_affiliate_link url=”https://www.zotzinguitarlessons.com/” attachment_id=”6546″ /] 
Banner link to Tuition page [affiliates_affiliate_link url=”https://www.zotzinguitarlessons.com/tuition/” attachment_id=”6545″ /] 



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