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He is extremely effective, organized and patient. He will guide you to your goal no matter what level of player you are. He has always been nothing but helpful and encouraging...

- Sarah Schwab

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What is The Zone?
Have you ever had a day where things just happen and everything goes right?
Have you ever felt like u could conquer anything?
Have you ever felt this intense joy doing something you're really good at?
Can you imagine how amazing it feels to be complimented on your guitar playing?
Have you ever been admired for playing your favorite songs on guitar?
Have you ever felt the excitement of playing music with your best friends?
Have you ever lost yourself in your favorite game or hobby ...and time stood still?
Have you ever been on a vacation and everything was an unforgettable adventure?
Do you remember... when you had the time of your life with someone you love ...and hours felt like minutes?
Have you ever been in awe and wonder, left breathless by the magic and mystery of something you witnessed?
Have you ever felt the joy of not having to try?
THAT's when you were in The Zone! Your intuition, intellect, talent, focus, energy and creativity were all harmonized.
The ZOT Zin Music Zone!

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