Steve Spataro Testimonials

Here’s what some of Steve’s students say about their lesson experiences.

“After spending a lot of time and money for voice lessons from a voice teacher and college professor of voice, I was told he would no longer teach me. He said I lacked the organic qualities necessary to reach my vocal goals and would not improve.
Within three months of studies with Stephen, my voice improved to the point that I won a regional voice competition and got a lead in the musical, “West Side Story” in my college theater group.
I do not know what I would have done without the caring expertise of Mr. Spataro. Everytime I sing, I say “thank you.”

T.J. Aldos, Hershey Pa.

“Dear Mr. Spataro,
Thank you so much for encouraging our daughter to make music! She loves having you for music, and she is passionate about it. It makes all the difference to have a teacher who is so inspiring to her.”

M.G., Los Angeles.

“As a professional guitar player, the ability to sing back up vocals increases my value in every way. But I had problems with my voice. The upper range was unpredictable and my voice would give out. Within two months of working with Steve, my voice improved to the point where I was now singing lead on a few songs, keeping in pitch and discovered an entirely new approach to singing. This change was such an improvement that two of my musician friends also began to study with him.”

J. Eldridge, NYC

“Mr. Spataro,
You were my favorite teacher. I remember all the songs we sang and the music we created. I still sing and perform whenever I can and am a soloist in my church. I remember many of the songs you wrote for us. One of your songs, Sweet Dreams, is my favorite and I sing it to my daughter when putting her to sleep every night.”

Natasha M.