Justin Scott Lucas

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Justin recently joined our teaching ranks and we are excited to have him on board.
Besides being a very versatile guitarist, he is also a gifted session musician and an experienced guitar coach.

As one of Vreny’s top alumni, he is licensed to teach the ZOTZin Guitar Curriculum.

Here’s some more info on Justin.

The Early Days.

Hailing from Connecticut, Justin Scott Lucas has been a practicing musician since age 12. Starting on bass, he played in various Rock n’ Roll bands throughout Middle and High School, while studying with Scott Spray (Johnny Winter Band). During this time he also expanded his musical vocabulary as a percussionist in the school band, pianist, guitarist, and avid harmonica enthusiast. Of all his early endeavors, the most fruitful was The Poster Boys, a Rock power-trio in which Justin was the primary songwriter, lead singer, and bass player.


Given Justin’s wide eclectic taste: his versatility on guitar ranges all the way from African guitar to screaming lead Paul Gilbert style solos to jazz comping. Whatever style you want to learn on guitar, he can teach you.
To hear some of his playing CLICK HERE!


At 18, Justin relocated to Los Angeles to attend UCLA, studying Ethnomusicology with an emphasis on Popular Music and Jazz. It was then that Justin made the guitar his primary instrument. At university, he gained great exposure to all types of music and studied with world class musicians like Kenny Burrell and Anthony Seeger. Outside of school, Justin rapidly improved his musicianship, studying with guitar legends Carl Verheyen, Adam Rodgers and his primary mentor, Vreny Van Elslande.
He holds a BA in Ethnomusicology.

Teaching Background.

Besides his many private guitar & music students he has been teaching over the years, Justin also teaches at the University of California San Diego where has been teaching since 3 years.
He also gives regular seminars there in guitar, ukelele and harmonica.

He loves playing anything from Latin Jazz to Pop to blues to metal, but stylistically, he always had a deep love for jazz-rock and fusion specifically as a guitarist.

Musical Projects & Performance.

He has been involved in a multitude of various projects as a guitarist, songwriter, producer, and singer, and continues to collaborate with up and coming professionals.
The success of Justin’s groups allowed him to work with industry pros Mike Chapman (Blondie, The Knack), Nir Z (Genesis, John Mayer), Ramsay Maclane (Harry Conick Jr.), amongst many others.

Today, Justin works as a sessions musician in live performance and studio recording, and is an aspiring producer.
He keeps a YouTube channel and is the creator and writer of the blog Riffs Of Wisdom.

Some Influences:

Paul Gilbert, Pat Metheny and every jazz-rock/fusion band known to mankind.